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Indianapolis is approximately 50 hours away from hosting Houston in the finale, drawing an end to a memorable week and regular season. General Manager Ryan Grigson appreciates the coaching job and the players’ integrity as the Colts move toward the playoffs.

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All I can say is we should be proud of this organization. From Irsay down it is run with class. Grigson and Pagano were meant for each other: Two gym rats!!! Two roll up the sleeves and 'make it happen' guys. Just what the city of Indianapolis needed!


This year has been an awesome ride for Colts fans....with such a range of emotions. This coach and this football team have given their all. Again what a ride...and it is not over. I love the line in the very last sentence: "That is why Chuck's attitude transcends football. He is an example for how to live your life, in sickness or in health. Living your and caring about each what it is all about!!! Go   :colts:  :colts:  :colts: !!!

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A couple good offensive lineman, a corner and a safety and Josh Chapman playing up to his ability next year and the Colts will be tough to beat....real tough.

Because "The Kid" and his follow rookies are only going to get better.

Of course having all those new additions might not happen next year!

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    • I agree. With that being said we were pretty sure they would win the gold in 2004 but only came home with a bronze. I can understand why Kryzewski is a little upset with the team just playing around by saying they were have too much fun. The talent cant be beat unless they are not taking it serious by thinking they cant be beat.
    • I will say Anderson was looking good during his rehabbing workout on day 1 of camp. I was there and the trainers were putting him through a workout off to the side. He looked very good! Rehab is progressing quite well. 
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    • I'm torn on it from the standpoint I believe every NBA player good enough to be selected on the USA team and believe they all deserve the gold medal they will eventually cruise to. But the truth is we should be able to beat these guys with our B and C teams and USA Select team
    • I'm thinking about bookmarking that thread, to open it back up after the season to get a good laugh.
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