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Indianapolis is approximately 50 hours away from hosting Houston in the finale, drawing an end to a memorable week and regular season. General Manager Ryan Grigson appreciates the coaching job and the players’ integrity as the Colts move toward the playoffs.

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All I can say is we should be proud of this organization. From Irsay down it is run with class. Grigson and Pagano were meant for each other: Two gym rats!!! Two roll up the sleeves and 'make it happen' guys. Just what the city of Indianapolis needed!


This year has been an awesome ride for Colts fans....with such a range of emotions. This coach and this football team have given their all. Again what a ride...and it is not over. I love the line in the very last sentence: "That is why Chuck's attitude transcends football. He is an example for how to live your life, in sickness or in health. Living your and caring about each what it is all about!!! Go   :colts:  :colts:  :colts: !!!

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A couple good offensive lineman, a corner and a safety and Josh Chapman playing up to his ability next year and the Colts will be tough to beat....real tough.

Because "The Kid" and his follow rookies are only going to get better.

Of course having all those new additions might not happen next year!

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    • It's not old per say but there's 1 episode called "The Garage Door" from a TV Show called "Freaks & Geeks" about a 13 yr old kid named Neil as he discovers his dad is having an affair with another woman & how he tries to cope with family infidelity, divorce, no longer idolizing his pop anymore all while wrestling with puberty & being clumsy around attractive female classmates in high school.    Just the way his best friend Sam says "I don't even know how to get 1 girl to like me. How can anybody get two?" Programs that deal with insecurities head on in a creative way really resonate with me I guess. Uncertainty done correctly can be quite profound.     Plus, there's a hilarious scene in that episode where Sam asks his sister if their dad would ever cheat on their mom & their father stands in the doorway with a T-shirt on looking like no woman would give him a 2nd look & they start roaring with laughter. It's kind of mean, but accurate & a riot though. 
    • The whole situation suggested the Vulcan mind-meld trick. Thanks bro!
    • I always liked "The Wonder Years" with Kevin Arnold & Winnie Cooper. Voice over narration was a new fad or still considered innovative & fresh back then.    I always remember an episode when Kevin goes to work with his father & he learns that his dad loved looking at the stars & he dreamed of navigating the seas with his own ship someday but life doesn't always work out the way we planned or hoped it would. That episode struck a chord with me because my own dad dreamed of being a botanist & wasn't fond of being a UPS driver, but it paid well for a guy with no college degree & a war vet so he learned to accept his lot in life.    I also like The Wonder Years because it dealt with trying to figure the opposite sex out & relationship woes from dating to trying to pinpoint why the other man is ticked off at you & you have no idea why. Peer pressure & what the hades to do after graduation: Get a job, go to college, join Uncle Sam, start a family, what? 
    • Someone posted earlier that our other receivers have outperformed Dorsett. I checked the box scores and that is not true. In fact, Dorsett's numbers have been similar to Rogers' the last few games they both played. He was also our best receiver week 1. And to be fair, Dorsett was dealing with a sprained ankle in the Jax game. I personally don't think he's getting enough targets. Luck missed him for an easy touchdown on a quick slant in the Bears game. Also missed him for a deep touchdown on our very first play in the Texans game. The thing that I've noticed that Dorsett has to learn though is how to use his hands to create separation. All of the greats do it. TY has gotten very good at it.. Once he learns that, his speed and get off will make him impossible to cover. He and Rogers both are great at getting off the line. I like them both. I'm expecting Dorsett to flourish in our new quick rhythm passing game. Praying to God we stick with it. 
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