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Colts-Chiefs Game Report

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    • Jeff George eeeeeekkkkkkk!    When his Mommy ran on the field I though we had been transported to a Pee Wee football game.
    • Much respect to you man.   Most people would not be able to admit their flaws as open as you have.    If you felt threatened then you have a right to protect yourself. That dude knew what time it was, and you embarrassed him as he should have been.   It's not like this poor slob was an innocent person here.    Maybe you went too far, but I ain't mad at you. The PC police will scowl at you, but deep down inside everyone likes it when bullies get put in their place.
    • The more I think about Luck the more I have to agree.  He will more then likely be an elite QB someday but not this year.  I think lucks contract will hold him back.  He doesn't have that Nak just yet to carry a team and that contract will catch up to he team.  The colts FO won't be able to find help for him because of salary cap issues.  So Luck almost has to be that guy the QB that no matter how bad your Oline is or how bad your defense is you still have to somehow win! 
    • I have to second the poster's question: How are you not in jail (not trying to be rude, just baffled)?    Although I don't practice in the criminal law realm (I chose the civil side), I do know that what you described constitutes criminal and civil assault + battery.   If the other guy had accosted you/gotten physical with you first, your reaction would have been self defense.  But what you described just sounds like something you can be held both criminally and civilly liable for.   I wouldn't be posting about that encounter on message board, although now it is probably too late.      
    • I watched the game this morning, but still would like to go back another time and rewatch when I can.  There was a lot of pressure mostly from Costanzo.  Kelly had a couple issues, and Clark sucked as we all figure he will early on. Good did alright to me outside of the false start and I think one play where I saw him get walked back a little bit by Taylor Hart into Lucks throwing lane.  I think we've gotten better at designing hot routes and screens for Luck to defeat the zero pressures.  I saw us defeat a number of them, but we are still not blocking them well.  Still feel like we will be okay with a full week of game planning versus how we approach these preseason games. Getting Reitz back will help and I'm really glad Mewhort is only out 2-4weeks and will not require surgery.  Don't feel like we will consistently see Kelly have a bad game so I don't have much concern there.     I think there's some kind of issue with Costanzo going on that needs to be fixed ASAP, but I don't expect him to play badly every week.  Blocking should also improve once we get Reitz back.  Can't wait for Haeg to get back because I don't think Clark is ready to be anybodies back up at right tackle.  That could improve later on in the season I suppose.  Still feel like we are fully capable of being a really good offense.  Just have to clean up how we are handling these blitz pressures.  Once the regular season starts and we are able to get Gore more than 4 carries I'm expecting the running game to improve.  Like that we have added Ridley as expected.   Secondary in my eyes should be much better with the starters.  Especially when we get Cromartie, Davis, and Robinson all out there together.  I'm expecting the 3,4, and 5th corners to be Smith, Mitchel, and Butler.  All we really know about is Butler, but I think Mitchel and Smith will be solid.  Green and Adams should start against Detroit with Geathers still on the mend.  Once Geathers gets back I think Green will play a vital role in helping us cover the Tight Ends.  I see quite a bit to be optimistic about when everything comes together with the injury situations.  Especially once we get Art Jones(saw him make a nice run stuff when I watched the game) Langford and Anderson back.  Saw some encouraging things from Ridgeway in that game as well.   I think we can be a really good team once we clean up a few key areas and guys get healthy.  
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