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Another comeback bid fell short in Houston on Sunday afternoon as the Texans (12-2) held on for a 29-17 win over the Colts (9-5) at Reliant Stadium.

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    •   I think Dawkins would be fine with pick 46 in the 2nd round.     But with pick 15 in the 1st?!?       No!     Oh, heck no!!     He's a very strong candidate to be a very solid guard,  but pick 15?     And instead of Lamp at 15 who was still available?      No!    No!    No!    
    •   Perhaps I'm misunderstanding something here,  but what does this mean?     I'm cutting and pasting......     PFF Offensive Line Rankings- Colts Ranked 25th Overall- The most interesting bit of information from this was that they felt Castonzo had a really strong year, and that our original starting 5 were far superior to ANY combination we used when we had to account for injuries.   If that implies that our OL toward the beginning of the season graded out better than our OL the last 7 games of the season did when the C/RG/RT was Kelly, Haeg and Clark,  then I'm afraid I'm going to have to call nonsense on that viewpoint.    The OL was much better down the stretch...    and the stats including both far fewer sacks of Andrew Luck and a solid running game for Gore backs that up.   So,  what am I not understanding?     Have I misunderstood something?    Can someone throw me a bone here?   What's going on?     Clearly, I'm not understanding their meaning....    
    • I think we steal Foster at 15 if he's there. The kid was a top 5 talent and the best prospect at ILB since Kuechly just a few weeks ago. There's been a lot that's if things happen but the tape has not changed.    I think we go Reddick and maybe even Harris at 15. Conley is solid but not special. 
    •   You dont think that Haeg or Good could fix those issues?
    •   I don't doubt that all of those things are true.    But I think some NFL staffs are going to see most of those issues as very correctable.     They can be coached up.   But here's what can't be coached up.    Nearly 6'4" and 220+ pounds.    4.4 speed and about 43 inches in the vertical and nearly 11 feet in the broad jump.     And I think he did well at the various shuttles.    Those numbers are freaky.    They're likely the best at the combine.     So,  while I think most teams will likely agree with your assessment,   I think some teams (less than 8 or 25%)  will see first round physical qualities and see a late 1st round pick....   somewhere between 25-32...   Odds are he gets picked in the first half of the 2nd round...   somewhere before 50.     I just wouldn't be shocked if somehow he sneaks in to the late 1st....  
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