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Indianapolis faces Houston in two of the last three games with both teams having much to play for in terms of the post-season. The division crown still is to be decided. The 11-2 Texans are seeking home-field advantage, and the 9-4 Colts hope to climb as high as possible.

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    • I know ;) my point was that they did try it and decided against it for the time being. 
    • No worries. I have lots of brain farts myself, gives a whole new meaning to being filled with gas hahaha
    • In terms of calculating ratings, I've always wondered how viewership is tabulated in an era when fans can record games to watch later at their leisure as opposed to the designated time slot on a specific network.    We live in an on demand era now where networks don't get to call the shots anymore meaning consumers can now control when programming is watched & consumed. I think about this a lot. When there was only NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, & the broadcast day ended at midnight literally vs now with cable, satellite, streaming services, & entertainment options tailored to the specific person etc. etc.    Heck, I even remember when TV programming directors tried to sue VCR companies for copyright infringement just because new technology allowed customers to record & play back programming on the original antenna based networks growing up.    A pet peeve of mine is laptops & cell phones that allow programming on the go at airports, in cars, & on trains because I miss how important TV & radio used to be as a family event & bonding experience, which doesn't exist anymore--the mystique & magic of TV & radio as a communal event. I'm a historian/archivist by profession so I always notice generational changes over time. I grew up with a radio straight out of FDR's "Fireside Chats" too until a tornado demolished it. I miss that radio too. 
    • Beautifully stated CC1. Not that this situation applies to every NFL player of course, but there is something to be said for athletic individuals pampered a significant portion of their lives due to their speed, strength, & agility. I agree.    Yes, I know. There are gritty, humble, undrafted success stories out there too. 
    • According to a article, Doyle is wildly popular in the locker room because of his great attitude and how he goes about his business.  Barring injury, he should be a big weapon for us.  Monachino said having Robinson back opens up our defensive playbook.  Bortles is still young, so I'm hoping we can frustrate him with our secondary, while our linebackers stop the run.  We should see Dline get pressure with Anderson back.
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    • Welcome here Nils!   I can tell you, most of football fans in Hungary are Patriots fans...unfortunately. 
    • Hi, Nils here....   I know a lot of Europeans support the Patriots, but all I can say is no way man, no way!   I'm not entirely sure when I started to follow and cheer for the Colts, but I has no shame in admitting that it was when Manning begun to really shine. It was probably back in 1999 because I seem to remember that play-off game against the Titans.   I also remember the I loved how the Colts would play a beautiful offensive game whereas other teams were boring with their defensive strengths. Aaaahh, those were the days!   I was introduced to American Football during my American Politics/presidential election study in Washington D.C. in the fall of 1996 (Clinton vs Dole). Didn't really get attached to any team back then, so you can say that Redskins just left me totally uninspired.   It is a great and welcoming forum here - and that is just how I remembered America too.    
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