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Thought this was pretty funny... Bills player falls into the stands.

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    • Imagine both Reuben Foster and Takk fall to our pick in the first and second respectively... Do you take them?   Here's Takk benchpressing 230lbs 24 times with his torn labrum:  
    • I was watching the jets vs Seahawks game week 3 I think. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 5 interceptions but got the ball back one more time. One of my friends said "I'll bet you ryan fitzpatrick's next pass will be an interception." Then I said " I'll bet you Jordy Nelson for AJ Green". We shook on it then two plays later Fitz threw his 6th pick to Richard Sherman I think. In my head I thought there was no way Fitz would throw another pick haha. Anyways, I gave him Jordy but ended up trading him back for Ajayi when Ajayi was hot and Jordy had a 3 week slump. Finished the season 16-0 thanks to Jordy 
    • My dream pick would be Rueben Foster. There's a small chance he falls to us. If not him I want Taco
    • Myles Garrett would be MY dream pick but he won't last past the first 15 minutes.    Of guys I think might be available to us, there are like 4 or 5 I would like.  I think Solomon Thomas, Derek Barnett, Jamal Adams, Reuben Foster, or Zach Cunningham might be there and any one of those guys would help from Day 1. 
    •   I said something like you can have an elite guy like a Brady, Rogers, Brees, Ben, Luck, etc. Or a guy like Dalton or Cousins who aren't anywhere near those guys, but are still franchise QB's capable of leading a team to a big playoff run.   And we need a couple dominant EDGE rushers, a couple all around ILB's, a run stuffing NT, and a top tier corner.   We can get that in FA and the draft with Melvin Ingram, AJ, Bouye, Brandon Williams, Tim Williams, Jarred Davis. Just worried Davis wont be there in the 2nd, but there's a handful of ILB's I like in the 2nd-4th range, then JRM in the 4-5-6 range.
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