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Thought this was pretty funny... Bills player falls into the stands.

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    • Denver (+6) at Carolina (2-7-16)
      I think Belichik made an error 2 weeks ago when the Patriots won the toss and took the ball. I think you want to be on defense first in a championship game ..because everybody's nervous and its easier to play 'nervous' on defense..    ..and to get the ball staring the third quarter is gold
    • Manziel reportedly threatened to kill his GF
      There are some who would say money is the source of their problems.  To most of us, it's simply a tool. But others, the whole "love of money is the root of all evil" really takes hold.
    • Under the Radar Profile: Karl Joseph, FS WVU
      Do you have a good highlight of him in coverage? Every highlight I've seen has him simply lighting people up. 
    • Manning HGH Accusation - Update
      'Did it?  Did what?  He has not been accused of anything.  What if he was a broadcaster....? Would the same speculation be valid...? To suspect someone because of somethings sent to aid to his WIFE..........assuming it was sent to him.........because it makes a better football smart...?.   Treat Peyton like anyone else.  Al Jazeera NEVER said Peyton used HGH..and he has never tested positive. There is no evidence (drug tests)  at all that he did and no one says he did. they just included his wife's delivery in a story about doping athletes. Its all speculation based on something sent to his wife..and that's what especially bothers me...   I don't really understand why HGH, human growth hormones..are used by women after pregnancy. I don't know what it does for them....but anyone who took 30 seconds to look it up knows that it is used Its advertised on TV. To blow up the fact that HGH was sent to her nationwide..invading her privacy and casting shade on her husband as an illegal (in a football sense) drug user is a 'double whammy' on them dropped by a guy who doesnt know them personally, apparently had nothing against them....he was just talking.   Manning isn't Mathis but we lump them because they play football?.. Its not smart at all to look at 2 football players and because one of them did something,.accuse another of the same thing with the strongest link being, well, they're both football players.  That's very lazy thinking.
    • Manziel reportedly threatened to kill his GF
      Sad to see  Get some help Johnny, your life is unraveling
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