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    • There are a lot of military people who started out being serious gamers. With the technologies the military use it is no joke that those who are good at that type of stuff are wanted. I have a long time friend who's son started out flying military drones and now that he is a civilian he has a job making so much money it's ridiculous. He has his pilot license and works as a trainer in the drone field for a private company.
    • "Cleveland, you're a loser. Now, buy these fabulous Trump steaks banned by the FDA for contamination & emboli. Yum! Yum! Delicious."   Okay, I'll stop here before I get myself into trouble. 
    •   He did such a great job in Indy why would'nt you ..
    • I have always liked Hue Jackson & I want to see him succeed, but ownership will screw this up & tarnish any progress Jackson makes. It's inevitable as we all know.    I thought he did well in Oakland too. I really did. 
    • Wow, this is shocking and really sad.    Cortez Kennedy was a beast. An overlooked player, possibly because the Seattle teams he was on were so god awful. The 1992 Seahawks had one of the worst offenses in NFL history, even to the point of having Mark McGwire's brother at QB. The one decent player they had on offense back in the day was RB Chris Warren who always put up decent numbers.   If any of you played the Tecmo Super Bowl games on SNES, you may know what I'm talking about when I say Kennedy was one of the best pass rushers in those games.    I'm sure old school Seattle fans probably imagine what it would've been like with him on their 2010 era teams with a much better defense.      Happy he made the Hall of Fame but this sure is sad to see him go. 
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