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    • ESPN shows a troublesome Colts drafting trend...
      Oh, the sky is falling and we are all doomed. Sounds like you are describing the Browns.
    • ESPN shows a troublesome Colts drafting trend...
      Sorry, ZTB,  I'm more confused than ever before.    The part I put in to BOLD doesn't make sense to me.   Luck was established as a franchise QB after Year 1 under Arians.      Since then here's what we've NOT been able to do.   Failed at building an OL,   that includes Holmes, Thornton,  Thomas and Cherilus as well as Herremans and I may be missing someone else.          Failed at building a running game.     That includes Bradshaw and Brown,  both of whom are very good complimentary backs,  but neither of whom are even average every down backs.     Neither can hold up as the #1 RB  on any team.     They're either injured or they wear down.   Failed at the 3rd WR slot.    Look at the list...  Avery,  Hayward-Bey,  Nicks and Johnson.    Four straight veteran candidates for the 3rd WR spot and all were judged to be not worthy of bringing back after just one season.   Failed at properly coordinating our offense.     Pep was an OK coordinator but we needed better.    That's a LOT of failure.   So here we are in Year 5 and while we have our established franchise QB,   but we have failed SPECTACULARLY at surrounding him with the proper talent.      We are STILL trying to build a proper offense around Luck and while that process has taken longer than we hoped and expected,   we put off building the defense until that was done and so we're behind schedule on both sides of the ball.   There's plenty to lament.     We're not where we should be.     And now that we've officially stopped building via free agency (we may sign 1 or 2 lesser free agents like Robinson a year,  but not more expensive guys)   then since we're focusing only on the draft,  that slows the process even more.     I think we're 1-3 years away from being a serious contender.        I'm sure that won't be a popular view and I hope I'm wrong about that.    But I don't see much reason for optimism here.....    I'm expecting the process to be slower than anyone here would like...      again,  I hope I'm wrong.  
    • Something no one is talking about
      Fair enough as far as that goes.     
    • tight ends
      Me too I'd love to see that but I am not counting on it. The only negative comment I've heard Pagano make about a player was Holmes Pagano is hard to take serious when he talks about his guys 
    • Which one most likely to happen...
      An Easy one.
      The sack numbers.
      Chud will make Andrew get rid of the ball quicker and run it near 50/50 most weeks.    Then again, after looking at our schedule, we are likely to be playing from behind a lot this season.
       More passing, more sacks?  
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      When I first saw this thread, I thought I was late to the party, but then I saw that this thread has been going since 2012.   I'm still late to the party, but story of my life.  I joined in 2015, but have been a Colts fan since I was a kid.   My first Colts memory is getting a hat signed by Quentin Coryatt at training camp, and that same year almost going to the SB.   My favorite Colts memory is beating the Pats to get to the SB in 2006.   Favorite Colts:   1. Peyton Manning 2. Marvin Harrison 3. Reggie Wayne 4. Dallas Clark 5. Brandon Stokely   Needless to say, Peyton (#1) and everyone he threw the ball to (#2-5) won me many, many fantasy football games, and are my guys for eternity.   You might assume from my top 5 Colts that I am a "new-age" "fairweather" fan who only likes offense and points.  You are wrong.  I am grateful for the offensive Renaissance in Indy, but Defense is my passion.  My secret top 5 Colts: Bob Sanders, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Cato June, Gary Brackett.   I want Henry Anderson to help lead a Defensive Renaissance in Indy.  Luck and TY are great, and I hope the OLine is outstanding, but the D is the Key.
    • Member Introductions! (Say Hi!)
      Hey guys,   I have been posting for probably a year or so now.  I reside in Brazil, IN, which is about 20 minutes East of Terre Haute on I-70.  I'm 28 years old and have been a Colts fan since Harbaugh days, but really started following and rooting hard for them after they drafted Manning in 98.  I love our team and my family and I make sure we are ready to rock for every game.  We always have viewing parties at my father-in-laws or my house and are known to holler and scream at the TV!  Hope all is well with all of you, and GO COLTS!
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