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Classic 80's Dance/New Wave/Synth Pop

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it's amazing that I walked in a dance club a few weeks ago and heard New Order's "Perfect Kiss" blaring. It was incredible!!! My first thought in mind: "Gee people still listen to this stuff?".

This is truly the ultimate "guilty pleasure" music. I feel no other way to describe it, and there's no reason to be ashamed of it. Synth Pop is one of the reasons the 80's rocked!

New Order is perhaps my all time favorite 80's band. I feel no one could come close to their albums "Substance" "Low-life" "Power, Corruption, & Lies" "Technique", even "Brotherhood" was a great combination

I loved Gary Numan in the mid 80's still had some great tracks

How could you not get attached to Depeche Mode with their catchy songs?

Berlin was amazing, sorry not going to post the song Sex I'm A..., as it's not so family friendly.

The Scarface soundtrack just BLEEDS super coked up dance music

ABC was quite cheese, but good cheese at that, very dancy cheese!

A rockin jam, never bought any of Romeo Void's albums but this song rocked

Funky Synth from Heaven 17, I loooooved this years ago

How could you not love Pale Shelter by Tears for Fears? The extended is even better

Feel free to contribute to this thread, may Synth live on forever! :thmup:

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