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Interesting article on Colin Kaepernick and his upbringing

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    • Predict the AFC South's finishing records
      Texans 9-7 Colts 8-8 Jags 7-9 Titans 6-10   Whoever ends up winning the South will likely be bounced in the first round of the playoffs.  Division overall is improving but media is overrating the immediate extent of the improvement...for this year at least.   I see the Colts finishing anywhere from 7-9 to 9-7, so I just split the difference on my prediction for them.  Improved stability at the QB position (for a change) and a better overall defense  give the Texans a slight edge over Indy for the my opinion.
    • The coaches have the ball.
      Where did you come up with this?
    • Defensive expectation for Indy in 2016
      Some still discredit the defense even when the offense was abysmal  every game but Denver  I get we don't have the talent to be top 15 or "didn't have" but I think we would've reached it if the offense participated when the game was in reach and not the last 6 min of games lol
    • Defensive expectation for Indy in 2016
      You're saying this when our offense didn't play one complete game other than Denver every win was damn near won in the 4th qtr. Our defense kept us in every game for a short time  I'll give you one game where they got dismantled and it was the jags game other than that there's no way you can truly think our offense didn't severely hurt the position of our defense with or without pass rush we got some turnovers and the offense would give it right back even multiple times a game  defense led this team last year and everyone knows it.
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    • Member Introductions! (Say Hi!)
      Hello my Name is Robin. And i'm from Denmark. even though i've been member on this forum for a long time, and the old one as well. I would like to Introduce myself. I became a Colts fan in 2007, when I watched my first NFL game. My brother introduced me to NFL, the superbowl between Colts & Bears, And as we all know the Bears scored first, so I had to rude for the "underdogs".. and from that day on I was hooked. I've watched every game since, even the primetime games, that starts 2:30 in Denmark, it's a long day working with no sleep but damn its worth it. Can't wait for my next big Colts adventure, when I get to see them playing in London 
    • Member Introductions! (Say Hi!)
      I have been a fan since 1984 when I became an early teen and really started to understand the game. Colts moved to Indianapolis in 1984 and eventhough we stunk for a while, things obviously got better. We traded for Dickerson in 1987 and won the Division, then we had Harbaugh's magical season in 1995, the Peyton ERA where winning 12 games was a piece of cake + winning a SB in 2006, now the Andrew ERA where we have already had 3 11 win seasons and a deep Playoff run.
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