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    • Ok, video is from earlier this year. Been floating around a while.   Everyone acts like the Colts never got any O-Line help. How many guys year after year did Grigson sign or draft? I'm not trying to stick up for Grigson because he was something else. HOWEVER, he did get guys in but unfortunately only 2 have solidified the line (Jack Mewhort and Ryan Kelly). Gosder Cherilus was very good for us until his knees started going out. Denzelle Good, Joe Haeg, and Le'raven Clark are all somewhat serviceable, just need help with technique. It's so hard to build an offensive line and that clearly shows. However, the fans are done waiting. I get it. But if you want a really good O-Line, then you have to pay $$$ for someone in free agency if they even choose the Colts over another team. Or you can draft O-Line in the 1st and 2nd rounds every year and see where that gets you. Obviously drafting in later rounds doesn't help our team.
    • i read it took less than 10
    •   Probably they will take that chance and pass on a QB at 1.2 or 1.3. If Luck is done , you'll likely have another disaster in 2018 and draft a QB in 2019. If you draft Denard or Rosen , it's pretty tricky to trade them just before the season starts. It would mean not signing him and taking draft picks in 2019 or 2010 as compensation. Also your trading partners would be narrowed as most teams would have "solved" their QB issues.    Plus you would probably need to get to pick 2 in order to draft a QB that would have "tremendous trade value." It's not even a given that  Darnold is coming out. I really highly doubt you see the colts take a QB at pick 1.2 or 1.3 unless there is news that Luck could be done playing.
    • Actually, it can't be taken in different ways.  If a receiver's momentum takes him down to the ground while in the act of making a catch, that receiver has to maintain full possession of the ball through the entire process of going to the ground.  When the Pitt receiver hit the ground, he clearly bobbled the ball, losing grasp on the ball with the ball making contact with the ground out of his control.  He then regained control, but the damage was done, he never maintained control through the process.  No catch.    What my eyes saw is entirely in agreement with the call ... and while the announcers were seemingly dumbfounded about what was taking the reviewers so long, for he was clearly across the line with the ball, I pointed out to those that were watching the game with me, that they are reviewing whether or not he actually caught the ball, for you can clearly see that he does not maintain complete control of the ball while going to the ground, that he bobbles it, losing control as the ball hits the ground.  With the ball in his grasp when he hit the ground, had he NOT bobbled it, then the call would not have been reversed.  That fact that he bobbled it, though, meant that he had to regain control, but because it hit the ground out of his control, it is indisputably no catch, as the rule is written.
    • Polian drafted Hughes in 2010.
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