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Indianapolis reached the final four games of 2010 with a 6-6 record. The .500 mark came after three straight losses. The Colts needed four wins to reach the playoffs for a ninth straight year. They won four straight games to reach the playoffs, two of which came against Tennessee.

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    •   The problem with "needs" based drafting is when teams do it when the talent ISN'T there.    When a team reaches.    As Brian Billick has famously said "'need' is a terrible judge of talent"     And I agree with that.   But here's the deal,   the strength of this draft is defense.    And the talent is going to be there clearly in the first three rounds to draft defense, defense and more defense WITHOUT having to reach for a player who doesn't deserve to be taken there.     I would NOT recommend drafting defensive players when they're just not there.   But they are there this year and we need to take advantage of it.   Plus,  if you can make the argument that it's not smart/wise to draft a RB in the first round,  then I can clearly make an argument that at this point,  taking a guard in the 2nd round is putting too many assets into one area.   How many O-lineman over how many years started off as either an undrafted free agent,  or middle or late draft pick.     Too many times to count.     What we're talking about is the difference between you being willing to spend a 2 on a non-premium position in a year where (A) we desperately need defense and (B) the strength of this draft IS defense and me willing to spend a late 4 on the same non-premium position.       I think to pass on a defensive player for an offensive player at a non-premium position is terribly unwise.   I think the Draft Gods have smiled upon the Colts this year.    This draft matches up with our needs.    Defense and a future starting running back.      I'd like not to spit in the faces of those Gods.  
    • And he's kind of an *hole....if he's not winning, he's a lockerroom cancer...
    •   Agreed on his ball tracking.  It's... a flickering hope right now.  But...   Imo of course.  As I don't know what assignments are given.  But to me Green has severe problems adjusting to defensive shifts.  I've seen a couple of plays that I will try to find tomorrow that illustrate this.  One that I can recall is Green should shift over depending on the defense to either a more central spot or cover over. And either he doesn't shift at all and we give up an intermediate pass or he does shift but late and then ends up being in a terrible spot to make a play on the ball.  Sometimes I think this is his scenario instead of the actual "ball tracking".  Which actually gives me a ton of hope because if he can improve this mental part of the game it might reflect a ton in his "ball tracking ability" as he will set himself up for success instead of failure.  Of course I still don't like that he has a tendency to completely bring his head down if he needs to break.  And his flip (when he does flip which isn't often) is usually very messy and costs him lots of ground.   As a DB... raw would be fitting for him even after this season. But raw is not bad.  Just needs work.
    •   Do you have a link to this and where it says it?
    •   Oh gosh, you are bringing back the full range of emotions here. Garcon catches that ball then I am convinced the Colts win the game.

      Oh BTW, awesome read OP.
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