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    • Love:  NFL Films   *In the voice of John Facenda* - "They call it Pro Football"     Hate:  That they didn't have HD cameras back then...    (Sidenote  -  If I get into heaven, I expect St. Peter to be like "Ok, now before you enter, here is John Facenda with your life highlights."  And then the classic NFL Films music starts up while I get to listen to "It all started on a frozen January morning, in the rugged hills of West Virginia, where a Mountaineer was born, and a life well-lived had just begun..."  )
    • on paper they are a 'Dynamic Duo'. But because of health concerns, especially Geathers, I'm concerned about how often they will be on the field together.
    • Who cares about Grigson, I just want to know where this awesome gif is from! 
    • I honestly believe that if Andrew Luck is healthy and our O-Line plays like we think they can then the Colts will be in the hunt for the division title and a playoff berth. I think Jacksonville is the favorite because of that defense, but I'm not very high on the Titans or Texans. Just a gut feeling, but I think the Colts will finish 10-6 and end up with a wild card berth.
    • Great topic @coltsfeva.  Enjoyed thinking about this.   Love: The coverage. As a football (soccer) fan, there is no equivalent to Redzone and that is such a brilliant way to watch the games.  Also an easy way to get friends/family involved in watching as they struggle to watch a full game on its own from an outside perspective.  The detail.  You could spend hours analysing one play, with the amount of people involved in key areas.  So much substance in everything that happens on the field (well expect that fake punt thing Pagano ran!) Tony Romo.  He brings so much to the table in terms of entertainment and knowledge, makes every game he commentates on more interesting and hopefully more like him enter the booth in the coming years. Playing in all conditions.  Some of the snow games can be brutal to watch (perfect example was the Bills game) but they are such a great spectacle.  The parity.  Again, linking back to soccer, teams can buy their way to the top but the salary cap gives all teams hope for the future with draft stock.  The only risk IMO is the ever increasing salary cap limit.   Hate: Over the top analysts.  People who just have hot takes to get their names out there on twitter.   The off-season.  Why does it have to be so long! I am not sure what the answer is as more games means more likely injuries before post-season, but this time of year is so dull!  Maybe more games and more bye-weeks to compensate? The Patriots.  Because, well, you know.  
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