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Brady or Luck

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Most years, I would have never second guessed Brady.

But he does get fired up for big games and Luck is hot.

Brady has a better running game and it affects his FF stats as a QB.

I have the option of playing Brady vs Texans or Luck vs Titans.

Luck however has thrown for multiple TDs only a few times this year though most of them have come recently.

So who do I go with?

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'Shady' Tom Brady ....... Luck will do well Sunday.....

but Houston has been giving up tons of yards...

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    • Yea, I was going to say that too, because Tony Dungy sure as hell doesn't. He is the most non-bias nicest guy ever, and I can tell he lets Rodney push him around because of it.
    • 2 very valid points [what I bolded]. I get what you're driving at BF4. We need more takeaways, a 1,000 yrd rusher, better TE execution, & solid special teams returns week in; week out.    Look, we all revere Chewbacca & rightly so, but he can't carry us to the Promise Land alone. Not to mention, Luck's interceptions must decline dramatically too say no more than 10-12 in a given yr just to stay competitive & on our toes. Plus, we need to be weary of tradition--Winning the AFC South crown like clockwork because like it or not our rivals have gotten better & sooner or later, Houston will find their franchise QB. It's only a matter of time. The Texans are not the Browns as much as some fans like to pretend they are. Brock might be the guy along with Lamar Miller like BF4 said. I don't live in denial. It's possible that the Texans give us a run for our money.    Yes, Brock hasn't proven anything yet, but most experts never thought INDY was gonna be good in 2012 either & we exceeded expectations. So, why assume that 2016 will be a cakewalk? A dangerous proposition. 
    • I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for last yr, or at least enough to think he can beat out a CB that couldn't make any Teams final 53 by week 5, when we would, In theory,  be dropping Cromartie. If he was playing hurt last season then it makes sense.  I've seen some terrible cb play from good corners (vontae Davis included) when they have been playing hurt. Im willing to believe that if he's healed and 100% then he's better then a Josh Gordy quality cb until proven otherwise.  
    • Yes.....    I believe "probable" meant 75% chance of playing or better....   it was an eyebrow raising thing when it happened....   and with some teams,  it happened a lot.....  far more than with others....      There was a lot of gamesmanship with the system.    Of course,  gamesmanship is just a polite word for....  cheating!       ;-)  
    • I know it depends on how he plays. And I think he is going to play awfully.. but we will see.
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