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Brady or Luck

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Most years, I would have never second guessed Brady.

But he does get fired up for big games and Luck is hot.

Brady has a better running game and it affects his FF stats as a QB.

I have the option of playing Brady vs Texans or Luck vs Titans.

Luck however has thrown for multiple TDs only a few times this year though most of them have come recently.

So who do I go with?

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'Shady' Tom Brady ....... Luck will do well Sunday.....

but Houston has been giving up tons of yards...

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    • Defensive expectation for Indy in 2016
      I guess Denver and Carolina had some pretty crappy offenses with a couple of crappy QBs.
    • Position Depth Comfort Level
      I love our QB, I think he stays healthy, love our SPTeams with Vinny/Pat, and like our WR core with TY/Moncrief/Dorsett. Everything else is still shaky. Hopefully our Draft will solidify the O.Line, I am high on Kelly. Our Defense as a whole is shaky period but we can still win 9 or 10 games if they play just Average if Andrew stays healthy.
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      As far as depth goes and ONLY depth NOT starters   QB-D RB-C WR-D TE-C OL-D ILB-C CB-D OLB-D S-C P-A K-A   Our depth is not unlike a lot of teams, A lot of unproven players or players that really have shown they have no business seeing meaningful snaps
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      Its easy to say Clark did not go a round to high knowing we drafted him in the 3rd. For all you or I know however he very well could have went in the 4th however had the Colts not picked him up. Again however I would have waited till the 4th. I think he would have still been around in the 4th. If only drafting an O Lineman based on raw tools meant he was a good O Lineman but alas it don't and it doesn't make it a good idea to pick O Lineman based on raw tools either...Ill take intelligence and fundamentals in the 1st 3 rounds over raw tools (At least as raw as Clark). Now in the 4th or later Ill take O Lineman with raw tools but lacks the basic fundamentals (example lining up in a 3 point stance, Proper hand placement. All correctable things of course).   He wasn't who I would have drafted in the 3rd. I had him as a 4th rounder simply because he was/is so raw. He does have good raw tools to work with of course but O lineman have went later than him that have had BETTER raw tools than him. Khaled Holmes is just the first name that comes to mind who went in the 4th round. Hugh Thornton is another name. Christian Westerman went in the 5th and he has better raw tools that Clark. The truth is we don't know how many of the 32 draft boards made by NFL teams had him as a top 100 pick, Its entirely possible (even likely) that 1 team did not have him in their top 100.  Just because you did and some analysts did don't mean 32 NFL teams did   Do I dislike the pick? Not really. We could have had a better prospect than him however in the 3rd. Hell Ridgeway was a better prospect at another position that WE DID GET than Clark  was at his but fell do to conditioning and injury concerns, I had him as a 2nd rounder who had a shot to go in the 1st minus those concerns
    • Position Depth Comfort Level
      It speaks volumes that you only got down to position 5 before my initial reaction was 'oh my God'.   4 position groups where I'm generally happy - including Special Teams and a O-Line that was an apparent weak point last year and has only had a rookie center brought into the starting group. Eek!
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      Hello my Name is Robin. And i'm from Denmark. even though i've been member on this forum for a long time, and the old one as well. I would like to Introduce myself. I became a Colts fan in 2007, when I watched my first NFL game. My brother introduced me to NFL, the superbowl between Colts & Bears, And as we all know the Bears scored first, so I had to rude for the "underdogs".. and from that day on I was hooked. I've watched every game since, even the primetime games, that starts 2:30 in Denmark, it's a long day working with no sleep but damn its worth it. Can't wait for my next big Colts adventure, when I get to see them playing in London 
    • Member Introductions! (Say Hi!)
      I have been a fan since 1984 when I became an early teen and really started to understand the game. Colts moved to Indianapolis in 1984 and eventhough we stunk for a while, things obviously got better. We traded for Dickerson in 1987 and won the Division, then we had Harbaugh's magical season in 1995, the Peyton ERA where winning 12 games was a piece of cake + winning a SB in 2006, now the Andrew ERA where we have already had 3 11 win seasons and a deep Playoff run.
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