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Question of the Day - 11/28

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Sorry this is being posted late this week !!

Okay - we are 7 - 4 and there are FIVE regular season games left on the Colts 2012 schedule - What is your assessment of our possible wins & losses in those games and our overall record at the end of the regular season ??

Detroit (Away)

Titans (Home)

Texans (Away)

Chiefs (Away)

Texans (Home)

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    • I get what you're driving at BLS. I just remember the nightmare known as Curtis Painter in 2011. Translation: Quality backups aren't that easy to find & there's no such thing as an elite 2nd stringer field general. They don't really exist meaning all backup QBs have flaws.    In layman's terms, when the face of your franchise goes down; you're basically screwed that calendar yr anyway because veterans off the street are injury prone with age & recovery issues & anybody worthy of your attention is locked down financially on other team rosters for the short term future. 
    • You can say that again WM. It's like some people think Jacoby will be great just because he was in the same room Brady was studying film a few times.    Look, I respect the hades out of Brady & his SB consistency. I also was amazed at how quickly Jacoby used wrist band numbers to execute our offense in short order. It just bothers me when players & coordinators under BB's coaching tree get all these job interview opportunities  & then when they leave Foxboro their clout fades too.    If anybody breaks this trend of leaving the Boston net & succeeding, Josh McDaniels will be the one to shatter this stigma IMO. [Yes, I think Josh will flourish in his 2nd HC gig too once that preferred vacancy becomes available. This happens a lot with your 2nd shot at the helm running a NFL program.]
    •   The owner of the company says 30 of 32 NFL teams use his service.       I'm sorry he didn't bring out the paper work to show it to you.     But typically,  unless there is reason to believe he's lying,  the man,  in this case,  Cris Collinsworth, gets the benefit of the doubt.   As opposed to you,   who doesn't like the service,  and just denies,  denies,  and denies.....   Oh,  and as for Chip Kelly......     Rich Dudes have lots of ways of making money.    They typically don't chose to make it by buying part of a company that, in the past,  they have openly said negative things about.      Goes to credibility.      They can invest their money elsewhere.   Kelly bought in because he likes what he sees.  
    •   None of those people talk in the 3rd person seriously.   If any of those three talk in the third perosn,   they are mocking themselves and others who do.   And having worked with on-air people who have huge talents,  I think I can say confidently that none of these three guys has an ego the way the current occupent of the White House does.     Not even close.     That man is in a league of his own.   Apologies for the political talk.    
    •     So far,  I confess I don't think of RG3 when I watch Brissett.      I think he's much more of a pocket passer than RG3 ever was.    I saw RG3 as an athlete who could play QB.      I see Brissett as a QB who has some athleticism.   Brissett is taller,  bigger,  heavier.     Not nearly the athlete but much more a physical presense.   6'4" 235 vs. 6'2" and 220.     I think Brissett is going through the normal young QB growth that most every young QB goes through.     I'd expect over time he makes fewer and fewer mistakes.       As for what we'd get for Brissett in a trade....    I don't know if you spend any time in the chat room during a game,  but this past Monday,  I spent some time there,  and when Brissett was good (1st half)  the Colts fans there had us gettng at least a 1st round draft pick for him,  and possibly even more!     I think a Day 2 pick is not far off,   he was taken in the 3rd round and demonstrated a good level of competence in a short amount of time.      I suppose it's possible he'd get only a 4,    but I don't see Brissett getting traded for a 5.     I think Ballard would much rather keep him than trade him for that.      
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