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Fake Peyton Manning Autographs

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Lol. If Rank actually made those up himself, well done. Usually hate the dribble he writes, but those were great!

The Rivers one was simple, but extremely humorous

Agreed 100%. I don't care for Rank's analysis and he is a huge Peyton hater, but some of those were really funny.

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I think he got ahold of that facebook QB chat that was out a few months back and tried to feed off ot it .... didnt care for the autographs.

If you have not seen the FB QB talk - look it up - it is hilarious! They actually put out more of those too - look them up!

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    •   I think "choke" is one of most over used words in sports.   Typically by people who love sports but don't know sports very well.   I've never thought we've been choking away games.    I don't think we're very talented and over the course of a 60 minute game the better team will typically win.    That's reality in the NFL.       We we are hugely under-manned and that will show up in the 2nd half.    We still don't have many playmakers,  difference makers and in the NFL that is typically the difference between winning and losing.   We've gone from being old and slow to being young, but inexperienced.    Ballard said when he was hired this would not be a one-year fix,  and that's what you're seeing on the field.      This team isn't choking... it's just not good enough.    Not yet at least...
    •   i should mention this is an informed opinion but it’s still an opinion but I think it’s realistic.
    •   I too think he would fetch a 1st rounder from someone. The question is if Ballard wants to trade a quality backup before Luck is back fully healthy with a quality OL protecting him first. My guess is no. 
    • Maybe she just thinks people from a certain area are from New Orleans....or maybe because they went to private school.....but more likely she just knows Peyton played at Tennessee and yes is clearly clueless. Who knows but she sounds like a few posters on this board...reasoning with her would be a lost cause. 
    •   He is a 23 year old quarterback who had shown himself to be a quality nfl starter within 6 weeks of joining a new team and a born leader.   Who wouldn't pay a first round pick for that?
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