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Each week readers of can submit questions about the team and have the chance for their questions to be answered. Here are this week’s answers to selected questions that were sent. Please visit to learn how to submit questions.

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As to the national anthem, the question mark is there because the line IS a question. "Oh, say DOES that star spangled banner..." The lyric is asking a question, hence a question mark, which is proper grammer, Susie S.

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    • Brady is deflating the NFL'S balls as we speak. 
    • I am going with Cincinnati, giving  them the edge,  being at home.  They held their own for the better part of 3 quarters against the Broncos, then the Broncos DEF was just too much at the end of the game.  
    • I've put two parts of your post into bold, and I'd like to address them.   I'll take the last one first....    about this team not being good enough to recover from Luck's mistakes.    Well, we recovered this week.     We still beat San Diego.      If you're saying we can't make mistakes and beat Denver,  then I agree,  but that's Denver.     At least we beat San Diego and overcame our mistakes.   As to Brady, Rodgers and Wilson.       I think you'll see their raw interception numbers are far less than Lucks.   Now,  they're attempting fewer passes, so their int % is better than Luck's but perhaps not as great as one might think.       Still,  Brady  Rodgers and Wilson are able to go up and down the field and throw far fewer interceptions than Luck.     And it gives me no pleasure to say that.    Notice my avatar.                        B                        R                     W               L 15                 7                         8                      8               12 (7 games) 14                 9                         5                      7               16  13                11                        6                      9                 9 12                 8                         8                     10              18   11                12                        6 10                  4                      11 09                13                       7 08                  0 (hurt)             13  07                  8 06                12 05                14 04                14 03                12 02                14 01                12
    • Umm, don't lump me in with everyone else. I'm plenty critical of Luck, when I think he deserves it.    1) Luck didn't try to get free, he tried to get down. He was sandwiched between two defenders who were holding him up and trying to take the ball away. I believe the play should have been whistled dead before the ball started to come out. The play was a max protect with no short outlets, no hot routes, and Luck was getting hit by free rushers within 2 seconds after he took the snap so he couldn't pull the ball down or throw it away. That fumble is NOT his fault. It was awful protection -- when the QB should be able to rely on good protection -- and it was a case of bad officiating.    2) The pick against Denver was a bad throw, and unnecessary. He had time, wasn't being pressured, and had two dumpoffs to either side of the field. He tried to force the ball into an inexperienced receiver with a savvy and aggressive corner closing in. Bad decision, bad throw, bad result.   3) The pick against SD was worse, because it was a one read in iso man coverage, and not only did Luck not see the CB's good position, he didn't put the ball in a place where the receiver could try to hold off the defender. 
    • I am rooting for the Bengals because I picked them to win in my knockout pool!  I wanted to stay away from numerous other games.  Neither team has looked great but I watched some of the Dolphins game last week and Cle out played them 90% of the game.  Cinci lost to a good Pitt team and good Denver team.  I am hoping Cinci wins comfortably. 
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    • Welcome here Nils!   I can tell you, most of football fans in Hungary are Patriots fans...unfortunately. 
    • Hi, Nils here....   I know a lot of Europeans support the Patriots, but all I can say is no way man, no way!   I'm not entirely sure when I started to follow and cheer for the Colts, but I has no shame in admitting that it was when Manning begun to really shine. It was probably back in 1999 because I seem to remember that play-off game against the Titans.   I also remember the I loved how the Colts would play a beautiful offensive game whereas other teams were boring with their defensive strengths. Aaaahh, those were the days!   I was introduced to American Football during my American Politics/presidential election study in Washington D.C. in the fall of 1996 (Clinton vs Dole). Didn't really get attached to any team back then, so you can say that Redskins just left me totally uninspired.   It is a great and welcoming forum here - and that is just how I remembered America too.    
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