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    • TJ Green: Scouting Proile
      I've done a few. Taking the time to put it all in words and in a format that you can share with others is very time consuming. I don't know how he did 40+ last year.   I wanted to do a bunch so that I could share my big board and keep all my thoughts straight, because I'm always confusing one guy for the next. Didn't quite make it...
    • TJ Green: Scouting Proile
      Consider the way the league has been changing. Mays at 230 was 'too small' to play linebacker. Mays right now would be moved down into the box full time, like Mark Barron (who was almost a lost cause, the Bucs got rid of him quickly) and Deone Bucannon. Teams were still trying to use these SS guys who couldn't cover as 8th man in the box and whatnot, but offenses were making them pay. Mays couldn't stay on the field. Not trying to make excuses for him, but I think he'd have a better chance if he were coming into the league right now.   Then again, Jeremy Cash went undrafted, which I really don't understand, but whatever...   Green might not be able to put it all together. But I think his physical gifts make him worth the risk and the effort. I don't think he'll be ready to play in anything more than a sub role this year, but after some time in, he might be good enough technically to let him go out there and figure the rest out.   And by the way, while he's definitely raw, I think some are overdoing it on how raw he is. His tape is good enough to understand why he was considered such a good prospect. It's not like he's totally lost out there every snap, just crashing into people.
    • How Satisfied are you with Your Team's Draft? Highlight? Low Light?
      OffensivelyPC; We weren't home to watch the draft on the first night and I screwed up the recording so when we got home it wasn't there (my VERY bad!!!!)  We watched it live on the internet at our daughter's house and didn't get to see the Dallas war room, DANG that would have been fun ;-)  Thanks for sharing that, it makes my day!   I like Luck a lot, so I hope that OLine will improve and he'll have a chance to become all he can be - and stay in one piece while doing it.
    • TJ Green: Scouting Proile
      Dustin did this. While I watch a lot of game tape I have not found the patience to take the time to be as thorough as Dustin is typing things out...Though we don't always agree. Could I do it? Yes but its a lot of work to type it all out even after you watch a lot of games on a guy. Credit goes to Dustin, As usual he does a great job
    • Making Sense of the OL
      I thought what they were doing with the line was obvious. Clark at RG and Haeg at RT in the future. Blythe is the backup center to Kelly.
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