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Football Outsider: Colts playoff pretenders

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Larry Horseman    659

In the AFC South Blog, Paul K made a point about the Colts' opponents' records that made me really start thinking about the accuracy of strength of schedule. He pointed out that if the Colts had not beaten their seven opponents, then their overall record would be 38-39 or .494 (instead of 31-46 or .403). That made me think that if the Colts were worse, their opponents would be better on paper but probably not in reality. Point is, I like stats but they are just one part of the story. However, as I alluded to in an earlier post, if I still had to bet on the Colts winning or losing in the first round of the playoffs, I'd have to go with lose, and I have no problem with that because I never truly expected to be seriously thinking we'd be in the playoffs. I'm just going to keep enjoying the ride!

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John Dee    2,441

It's unlikely we win a game... But Tim Tebow and the Broncos did it... It will be good just to be there

Why? Indy got blasted by a bad Jet team... what are you gonna do?

Chicago... Indy was in that game into the 3rd Q.

Jax... Indy had it in the bag... HAD....

NE.... Indy was right there at halftime... turnovers and drops killed us.

Why can't this YOUNG team get it done? I think this is a very dangerous team going forward.

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