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Colts Cheerleaders Shave Their Heads In Tribute

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I saw yesterday a first in the long history of the NFL with two of the Colts cheerleaders having their heads shaved in tribute to the disease coach Pagano has. I don't know much about that man but when so many do so much in his name he must be a very special human. Hats (and hair) off to the two young ladies that did the deed for a very good cause. Something extra special is happening with this franchise and it is a good feeling to know those people are doing good things for a good cause and a good head coach. This is more important than the success they are having on the field.

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I was at the game and they showed the head shaving on the big screens. One cheerleader (Megan) agreed to have her head shaved if Colts mascot Blue could raise $10,000 to go to leukemia research....well, Blue raised over $22,000!!! The other cheerleader (Crystal) is a leukemia survivor and she also had her head shaved during the ceremony.

Later, in the 4th quarter, Jim Irsay walked Coach Pagano to the balcony of the Owner's Suite and when they were shown on the big screens, everyone in the stadium stood and cheered the coach. He was obviously very touched by the standing ovation and you could read his lips as he said thank you to the crowd. It was a very special day and I'm so glad I was there to see it all.

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    • Indeed we were Krunk. I think our Oline played admirably vs a top 10 defense in their house. No complaints from me. Maybe it was the quick rhythm passing attack (about time...) but that's why you run a quick rhythm passing attack. Luck had a clean pocket way more often than not. 
    • Id say the big knock they are taking on the pass pro is the 17 recorded pressures on 43 drop backs, as in the line allowed pressure on 40% of drop backs according to their figures.
    • I definitely think he's back to form. Also I was at the game. Sitting in the bottom corner where that pass interference call was made. It was a good call. Vontae definitely pulled a sling shot move on him. Pulled the jersey and slung himself in front of the receiver. That's a veteran move though. Not mad at him for trying it.  A lot of times the ref doesn't see it but he was in good position. So was I. Lol. The funny thing is the Titans fans in the row in front of me missed it to and thought they got a gift call. Lol. 
    • It was a fantastic episode!! Still no idea why Sasha is still alive lol 
    • Sometimes I'm left scratching my head at the PFF grades...  I thought our lined performed admirably vs a top 10 defense on the road. Yeah Luck took 2 sacks and had 5 QB hits but that's not that bad. The two sacks came when we went looking for more deeper shots down the field. Also we couldn't run the ball as well as other games but more often than not we got the yards needed when we needed to get them. But again this was a top 10 defense in their house. Now maybe the quick passing attack covered up some flaws in our protection but that's what it was supposed to do. Overall I thought our entire line played very well. I do agree about Butler. Vontae as well. The tackling was solid from both. The way they were cutting Murray's legs out from under him reminded me of Colonel Bob Sanders. A couple hits like that and any running back will start to dance in fear of that heat seeking missile blasting through your knees.... lol. 
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