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Rich Gannon is one of the trusted voices covering the NFL, and he will provide analysis on Sunday’s Colts-Buffalo game. A veteran of 157 games and 132 starts over 17 seasons, Gannon was a solid quarterback who had multiple strengths like the one he will see on Sunday in Andrew Luck. Luck has impressed Gannon for years.

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If you compare Peyton (the greatest of all time) and Luck when peyton was a rookie he was fun and exciting to watch,He made a few mistakes and bounced back,and as a fan you new he was special,Same with Luck They have a different game but Luck is special if he stays healthy he will be fun and exciting winning games for years to come!

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    • Which one is NOT playing this Sunday?
      Yes,  Josh Chapman was not on an NFL roster last year.   We cut him,  and none of the other 31 teams in the NFL were interested.   It appears he ate his way out of football.     We're 0 for two on those two Alabama guys.   But as for the pick,  there was nothing wrong with it.    Chapman was the guy to take then and there.    There was no way to know what he'd turn into at that time.      We're all genius's with 20/20 hindsight..............   Just sayin..........  
    • Colts will rely on the draft instead of being big free-agent spenders
      I went back and watched Simmons. Pretty nice player and I think you could add even more muscle to that frame. Seemed to be a more than willing tackler and a wrap up tackler at that. Not bad in coverage either. Kinda reminds me of Deion Grant that used to play for Carolina. Has a little bit of Berry in there too.
    • How John Fox wasted Peytons Time in Denver, basically quit on Both Carolina & Broncos Teams before leaving both
      You have to blame Elway for making the John Fox hire, right? He knew what kind of coach he was getting. Both got lucky winning the Peyton sweepstakes and the Broncos sustained high level turnaround (not just a fluky year here and there) happened faster short term because of Peyton. But then, Elway is a God in Broncos country and he can't do any wrong, right? Where is the blame for Peyton? I don't see much. So blame it all on John Fox. Yeah, right!!!   It is a half baked article at best, IMO. Yes, John Fox was not a top 5 coach in the NFL and he made enough mistakes that were magnified more because the expectations were high in the playoffs but not giving him enough credit for his 4 years with the Broncos is not close to fair, IMO.
    • Irsay has asked Peyton to retire as a Colt
      If I remember , I believe Irsay tweeted Peyton good wishes in the first Denver Super Bowl. Certainly , as he was interviewed, an opportunity was at hand to wish him well on this Super Bowl publicly. We know he's no shrinking violet on Twitter.  If he brought up retiring as a Colt, why not say publicly that you would hope he went out as a SB Champion. I just find the omission intriguing as to where their relationship may stand. As you said, only those two know for sure. 
    • 2015-2016 Indiana Pacers (And rest of the NBA) Season
      19 years old!  Just think about that.  He's a teenager and he's getting 17.5 points and 3 blocks a game against the best players in the world.  That's unbelievable.
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