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The Life Of Pi

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Has anyone seen it? I may see it soon, but want to see what you guys thought of it. Should I go 3-D or not?

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Yeah, I've seen it. I liked the book better, but the movie was very good too.

Whenever a movie has Gerard Depardieu in it, you know it's good :P

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    • Kelly, Clark, Green Projected As Top 2016 NFL Rookies
      I think they forgot Antonio Morrison. Together with Green will be on the Special Team. Antonio is instinctive and has a huge motor and plays with hit and run attitude. A good fit to the new "attack" scheme.
    • The reasons Osweiller chose Houston
      If you think Kubiak would have put in Manning if Brock was putting up 30+ points with no turnovers, I have some mountain property on the Florida coast I would like to sell you...  You go with the hot hand, even at the expense of a legend.  Ask Joe Montana about Steve Young.   You are right, none of us knows.  That's why we're on here giving our opinions... I didn't say money was the only reason, but the main reason.
    • Same ol TRich
      Yeah then he went to Cleveland and they broke him
    • Add 2 players to the Colts- 1 on offense and 1 on defense
      We're talking about adding players to the current Colts roster right?  Not building a team from scratch.  If we're building a team from scratch, Watt, Miller, Mack, Gronk, and Tyron Smith all day.  But let me point out something, I've noticed nobody has seriously said we should add Aaron Rodgers or Cam Newton or Tom Brady to the Colts roster.  Why? Because QB is not a position of need for this team.  We've got Luck at QB, so adding a QB doesn't really make sense, no matter how much better they are than Luck.  That's my argument against Watt, Gronk, Miller, and Tyron Smith.  We already have Anderson/Langford (not elite, but good) Dwayne Allen (not elite, but good), Mathis (less elite than before, but still good) and Castanzo (close to elite).  So, IMO, DE, OLB, TE, and T are not positions where we can improve the team the most.   (Side note, Martin played T in college, so he is not a "pure guard" but plays it so well, and at such a young age)   RG and CB2 are the biggest weaknesses on this team IMO.  Which means those two positions have the most room for improvement.  I think Martin is more of an improvement over Thornton than Tyron is over Castanzo or Gronk is over Allen.  I think Peters is more of an improvement over Robinson/Butler than Watt is over Langford/Anderson or Miller/Mack is over Mathis/Cole.   What did the last 3 SB winners have in common? A very good CB duo that helped the front seven be more effective.  Sherman and Browner, Revis and Browner, Talib and Harris.  Browner had a bad year in New Orleans, but helped win 2 SBs as a good CB2.   My opinion is horrible?  
    • Position Depth Comfort Level
      Yeah its not the guy kicks footballs for a living or anything.,,
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    • Member Introductions! (Say Hi!)
      Hello my Name is Robin. And i'm from Denmark. even though i've been member on this forum for a long time, and the old one as well. I would like to Introduce myself. I became a Colts fan in 2007, when I watched my first NFL game. My brother introduced me to NFL, the superbowl between Colts & Bears, And as we all know the Bears scored first, so I had to rude for the "underdogs".. and from that day on I was hooked. I've watched every game since, even the primetime games, that starts 2:30 in Denmark, it's a long day working with no sleep but damn its worth it. Can't wait for my next big Colts adventure, when I get to see them playing in London 
    • Member Introductions! (Say Hi!)
      I have been a fan since 1984 when I became an early teen and really started to understand the game. Colts moved to Indianapolis in 1984 and eventhough we stunk for a while, things obviously got better. We traded for Dickerson in 1987 and won the Division, then we had Harbaugh's magical season in 1995, the Peyton ERA where winning 12 games was a piece of cake + winning a SB in 2006, now the Andrew ERA where we have already had 3 11 win seasons and a deep Playoff run.
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