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T.Y. Hilton was a major draft-day acquisition for the Colts. The third-round pick was tabbed "electric" when General Manager Ryan Grigson traded up to ensure Hilton's selection. Through 10 games, Indianapolis has felt the jolt of his contributions.

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    • three things you should never do:   1. Try to be funny   2. Talk about football   3. Reproduce
    • I am not really sure why he hates Peyton so much. I have never asked him. Peyton was born in Louisiana for one and it's not like he prevented the Saints from winning a SB, Saints beat him. Peyton is without a doubt a Top 5 QB of all-time as well with 2 SB wins and 5 League MVP's. Almost every Saints fan I have came across loves Peyton because he was born there and Archie played for the Saints. I like Drew Brees, I think he is a Top 20 QB ever and one of the best in his era. I like the Saints actually and have never disliked that team. I could see fans from the AFC South hating on Peyton because we won the Division every year or a Patriots fan hating him because of his battles with Tommy. 
    • Why even go to another team forum if all you bring is negativity to that team? You know it don't set well with the members of that forum but you do it anyway. It is done with the intent to rub members the wrong way. What does that say about the personality of that person? We have other words we would use for someone like that but really cant be said in this forum. Being concerned or objective is one thing while throwing insults is something else all together. What is the purpose or motive to do that in a teams forum when you know exactly the response you will get? Malice.
    • Regarding Bogie, I like him and we have had some excellent conversations about the history of Football and Basketball and I respect his knowledge. He can be his own worst enemy at times though as he never has anything positive to say about the Colts, puts down Grigs and Peyton quite a bit too. I mean this is a Colts website so I can see why he would rub people the wrong way. You should look at it from the standpoint as well.
    • Titans could win 6 or 7 games (I have them at 6) which would be a huge improvement from 2. Brock isnt going to be any worse than what Houston had, question is will he be much better. Even if he's a little better that could get them 10 wins. I dont see them beating us in Indy again though if Andrew is healthy. Regarding the Jags, there are several people in the media picking them to win the Division believe it or not.
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    • Welcome jseg18!!!  We will pretend that you were not even close to being a Niner fan.   No, from Montana and then Young they were fun to watch.  I hope we all have fun this year.  I do not think the Colts are going to be 3rd in the South.....Have fun.  
    • Hello fellow COLTS fans! Well I've been a colts fan for about 15 years. I'm fairly young 25. I am from California. I was almost a 49er fan as I was player orientated. I liked Steve Young when I was a kid because my dads a 9iner fan. Then Peyton Manning happened. We then got Edgerrin James and my pride took off from there. Like most of you fans, I was miserable through those playoff losses to the patriots( dislike anything in Boston since I'm also a Lakers fan). Super Bowl 41 was great. I've been to all of the west coast games for past 10 years, and I've been to LOS once. I'm cut it short, but I'm excited for the 2016 season GO COLTS! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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