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T.Y. Hilton was a major draft-day acquisition for the Colts. The third-round pick was tabbed "electric" when General Manager Ryan Grigson traded up to ensure Hilton's selection. Through 10 games, Indianapolis has felt the jolt of his contributions.

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    • Runningback yardage over time: RBs typically peak at 26 and decline every year after.
      A specific question I have about the data is whether age is more important than volume of carries. Would it be true to say that if a guy got drafted at 24 years old, he'd be more likely to peak at 28 in his fourth year?   Devontae Booker will be 24 before he plays his first NFL game. Does he basically have three years before he starts declining?
    • Cam Newton walks out of post SB interview
      Leave it alone.  You said basically the same thing Gavin said and I should have quoted YOU as well.   Cam did what he did...he is young and he is immature. He should have lived up to what a leader should do.  Not "He has every right to do this."   Yes and we have a right to think he is not a leader.  There is class and there is no class.  I said my piece.   In addition, Lee was one of the best generals in the history of war.  Losing a war is awful knowing so may people died on both sides in the Civil war. To show class in defeat has been talked about for centuries.  The Super Bowl is a GAME!!   Sorry you did not like the analogy.
    • Cam Newton walks out of post SB interview
      I understand that some fans might wanna pile on Cam Newton due to some of his dabbing & touchdown celebrations & they wanna use his SB loss & post game press conference walk off as a mechanism to slam the guy. But, not me & here's why:    Nobody really knows how they would react if they were in Cam's shoes as a young, franchise QB who just lost his 1st SB on natl. TV. He will learn from this experience how to cope with failure & be a professional. Cam's a good guy & 1 hades of a QB who will play in the SB again. Personally, I think the media is engaging in 'fake outrage' over this incident.    No, it wasn't right leaving like that. But, it's really a question over what Cam does over his team's next playoff loss. Highly competitive people always have a problem with losing. I really see this as a blip on Cam's radar screen not a pouting trend overall. Losing with grace & humility isn't something you can learn from a book or another HOF mentor like Warren Moon. It has to be felt & endured personal by Cam first. He'll be fine IMHO. 
    • Under the Radar Profile: Karl Joseph, FS WVU
      He wouldn't be an under the radar prospect if it wasn't for his injury. He is easily the best safety prospect in this draft, but should be pushed down teams boards due to injury. He has been a personal favorite of mine for a couple years now. He is worth trading back into the bottom on the 2nd to make sure you get him.
    • More people in Indy watched super bowl 50 than in Denver
      Might not mean a thing, but found it interesting either way.    
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