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Colts v Bills

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1. Protect Luck, even if you need do max protect

2. Establish the run, to keep Buffalo honest on D

3. Limit mistakes, against NE they killed the Colts. I think 1-2 still be fine with the Bills.

4. ST NEEDS to play well, no TD.


1. Need to Involve THEIR star RB as much as possible (screens,reverses etc)

2. they MUST get pressure on luck, he is a very good QB and can make amazing throws into tight spaces (his TD pass in the back of the endzone where Talib had good coverage was just WOW IMO.)

3. Going with 2 IMO the Bills need to BLITZ Luck and make him uncomfortable

4. Need ST to deliver a big play, maybe not a TD but a great return.

I think as long as the Colts protect luck the Colts win.. my prediction:

Colts 28 Bills 20

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Replace "Bills" with every team we play and you could post this each week.

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I think going back home, we will establish the run more than the NE game.

Luck made some costly mistakes and just like after the Jets game, Arians went back to the ground and I expect a big day out of Ballard, Brown, and Carter.

The Bills are 31st against the rush so I am pretty sure we could have a good day against that defense.

We just have to stop Spiller & Jackson. If we can do that and make Fitz throw the ball, then I think we can win.

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No easy TDs for Bills on ST, they have an edge there, IMO.

If it is a game in the 30s, Colts wont win. If it is a game in the 20s, Colts win.

My prediction is Colts win 27-24

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    • If there ever was one! I too suffer from this affliction  from time to time.
    • I dont think he needs those glasses. 
    • If we don't have anymore key injuries over the next few weeks and of course Luck stays healthy I see no reason we cant pull a 2014! As in get to 5-2 after starting 0-2. It is 1 game at a time but looking at our next 4 opponents we should win those games = Jags, Bears in Indy, at Texans, and at Titans. Texans wont have Watt which is a huge blow and I think we are definitely better than the Titans. We have 3 Division games coming up and if we win all of those and get to 5-2 we will be in the driver seat.
    • I won't lie Adonis 1. I did find your post hysterical; but you do realize that the moment you call for a prohibition on all doom & gloom threads that somebody will inevitably start a topic: Why so many fans are in such denial about how dire our team's post season prospects are?    You can't win no matter what you do because you're either at death's door or blissfully ignorant of how far the Colts have to go to reach the pinnacle of success in the NFL.    Some people aren't happy unless they are moaning & groaning about something man. You know the type. They could win the lottery & complain it's not big enough or being awarded in installments over time isn't structured to their personal satisfaction. Sigh...   Look, depending on my mood, I can vent to the level of an art form. But, generally...I'm just grateful we aren't as dreadful as the Bears right now. Sorry Bears fans. Go Cubs? Just trying to make Illinois fans feel better man.     
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    • Hi, Nils here....   I know a lot of Europeans support the Patriots, but all I can say is no way man, no way!   I'm not entirely sure when I started to follow and cheer for the Colts, but I has no shame in admitting that it was when Manning begun to really shine. It was probably back in 1999 because I seem to remember that play-off game against the Titans.   I also remember the I loved how the Colts would play a beautiful offensive game whereas other teams were boring with their defensive strengths. Aaaahh, those were the days!   I was introduced to American Football during my American Politics/presidential election study in Washington D.C. in the fall of 1996 (Clinton vs Dole). Didn't really get attached to any team back then, so you can say that Redskins just left me totally uninspired.   It is a great and welcoming forum here - and that is just how I remembered America too.    
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