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The Colts fell in New England, 59-24, in a game where some bright spots were obscured by big plays by the opposition. Indianapolis will re-group to correct its mistakes. More efficient play is needed for this week and the five games beyond it.

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    • Yes, epic injuries.  Yet, 11 guys played and someone still coached them....and we are able to evaluate those coaching decisions separately.  This is especially true in game decided by a field goal.     It's a game that the players played well enough to least for my money.
    • Ugh Costas...what an uptight, buttkissing *. It's hard to believe football would get hit with the same type of nonsense that he spews that would be big enough to simply overshadow him. That's basically what has happened at the moment but he'll never be topped in general. 
    • As a Homer with objectivity I will happily point out the Colts have looked much better than the 0-3 Jags . The Colts were picked early by the media & other dingbats to be a powerhouse instead they'v stunk up all they got to show for this season is a tape of a guy playing with his junk in the pee pool there only highlight  .   The losses could have been wins especially the Lions game the Colts .   Your defense is you'v been right so far  So IMO your due to be wrong & I look forward to pointing that out to you as you enjoy a double helping of crow pie Sunday afternoon , Don't disappear make sure & come back & visit & remind us homers that you'v been right so far there Nostradamus ,    As far as being right so far does that mean you also predicted the Jags would go 0-3 ..  I doubt it .
    • Revenge is best an equal manner I suppose 
    • I do think that politics has something to do with it. To me, it started when Bob Costas decided to make an anti-gun statement on live TV during a game a couple of years ago. It seems that everything is being politicized and we're constantly being told what we have to accept and tolerate, OR ELSE! Now, it seems the NFL is no different. It's just another platform that a political party and their supporters can use to push their agenda, and it seems to have put many fans off.
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    • Welcome here Nils!   I can tell you, most of football fans in Hungary are Patriots fans...unfortunately. 
    • Hi, Nils here....   I know a lot of Europeans support the Patriots, but all I can say is no way man, no way!   I'm not entirely sure when I started to follow and cheer for the Colts, but I has no shame in admitting that it was when Manning begun to really shine. It was probably back in 1999 because I seem to remember that play-off game against the Titans.   I also remember the I loved how the Colts would play a beautiful offensive game whereas other teams were boring with their defensive strengths. Aaaahh, those were the days!   I was introduced to American Football during my American Politics/presidential election study in Washington D.C. in the fall of 1996 (Clinton vs Dole). Didn't really get attached to any team back then, so you can say that Redskins just left me totally uninspired.   It is a great and welcoming forum here - and that is just how I remembered America too.    
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