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NFL Capsules, Week 11

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    • The only way Allen gets 30 Million is if he plays all four years.      And, at this rate,  he'll be lucky to play two years.      The one thing no one can complain about are the contracts we've given out.    If Allen doesn't produce,  he'll be gone in two seasons,  not four,  and won't make anything close to $30 Mill.   The Colts do an excellent job on contracts.    One of the best teams in the NFL in this area.      
    • That kid was really happy TY made his day. Nice! 
    • I know the regular season hasn't started yet, but cutting Castonzo even considering such a proposal makes me wanna make a suggestion to some fans....   Last call on the booze & other recreational products okay. Mandatory prohibitions start now. 
    • I am VERY aware of the injuries and YES I should've written the post because whether it's preseason or not this team is on shaky ground. First off the problems that have plagued this team STILL loom! The o-line is still bad. Did they REALLY think adding 1 new starter at center to go along with the SAME subpar group would make a big difference? Now Jack (who may be the best of a bad bunch) is hurt. Dwayne Allen is up to his same old "I'm hurt" tricks. SLOW starts are the norm now whether it's PRESEASON or not.   Of all the defensive players you listed above ONLY 2 are difference makers and the rest are serviceable. This team lacks focus, discipline, appears soft in the trenches (o and d-lines) and carry conservative game plans against the better teams of the league leading to some very embarrassing losses. Those SAME traits can be overcome against bad teams in the form of dog fight wins.   I DON'T base the team's success or failure off the PRESEASON so I'm not doom or gloom. Under Dungy and Manning I don't think they won 4 games combined over the years but when the first team played THEY LOOKED GOOD and it was the terrible depth that contributed greatly to the losses. With this Colt team I was HOPING to see a much improved o-line, a more physical team on BOTH sides of the ball, faster starts on offense (instead of wasting early downs with runs up the middle), a healthy Allen contributing something ON the field, our defense generating some type of pressure on opposing qbs and watch the battle unfold for second string behind Luck. The margin for error will be small this year because the division will be much better and if this version of the Colts can't get any of their past problems fixed in the dress rehearsal what makes you think they can under Chuck when they go live this year? 
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