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what are the keys to beating new england

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Smonroe    7,577

In some ways, but I don't think last year's Indy team was nearly as bad as their record. I think the way things kind of worked out, there was very much a defeated feeling going into the season without Manning. So while I definitely see where you're coming from, I think the 2011 Colts were probably the "best" 2-14 team in NFL history, if that's a reasonable way to put it, LOL...

That is funny, but it's probably true. Not that this team has very many star holdovers, but we do have a nice mix of vets, FAs, and decent rookies. It's obviously not a complete rebuild.

In reality, I know we have a way to go to be an elite team. But if last July someone told me we'd be 6-3 and in the playoff hunt, I would have asked what they were smoking.

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chad72    6,435

  1. Stop their run, and force 3rd and long, and focus on underneath passing. Brady throws 65% of his passes less than 15 yards, if I am right. Yep, play Brady mostly underneath and force him to go deep, roll the safety to Lloyd with single safety high.
  2. Play zone underneath with everyone, rotating double teams to Welker on 3rd and 7 or less while rotating double teams to Gronk on 3rd and 7+.
  3. Watch for bubble screens to wideouts, and dumpoffs to Woodhead.

The Pats are very much like the Colts' offense of old, they may be a bit predictable but they are such a well oiled machine that they do those things so well.

Yeah, Brady might hit one deep but we will hit him more often than he connects deep because of our pass rush if we force him to do that more often.

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