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Broncos Vs Panthers

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oldunclemark    7,545

Cam Newton is changing his name to "Fig" as his sophomore "slump" is in actuality his sophomore "showcase". The guy is showing what it is like to be big man on campus and then a loser in the NFL. He is confused and clueless on how to play quarterback NFL style. Meanwhile the guy called "Mr. Manning" hits for number 420 in the TD column making him tied for the #2 spot in career TD's behind the goof that forever ruined his image with a camera, Brett Farve.

Look for the Broncos and Texans in the final plyoff spot for the super bowl.

I was hoping Cam would get Mannng's phone number so maybe he could go visit him in the offseason...

..he needs to talk to vet QBs because they can help him..

Sitting by yourself with a towell on your head when something does wrong sends a terrible message

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    •   Why?      Why should Pagano be gone over an 0-3 start with our top players out?   We're not losing because of Pagano, we're losing because of a lack of talent, especially at key positions like QB.      You're likely going to get what you want, Pagano's last year.    But it may not happen for a few more months.    Then again, you can never tell with a new GM who may decide to make a statement.    
    • I know this isn't the best time for Colts fans.  A SB looks a far way off at the moment.  We are definitely not at the top of the mountain right now, and things are getting a little scrappy in some of the threads.  But I just wanted to thank everyone for their contributions.  Whether you're a new member posting out of frustration with the current situation, or a seasoned vet that has seen this rodeo before and feels the need to defend the Shoe, or some mix of both or all of those (?), I enjoy reading what you have to say (usually).  I may not like all of your opinions (because let's face it, no two people in the world are going to agree about absolutely EVERYTHING) but I respect you for sharing your opinions with all of us.  Let's all just be thankful that we can have this civil discourse as a fanbase.   Even if we lose to the Browns... ()  at home... () ... ... ...   We still have it better than many others, in more ways than one. 
    •  Might not be quite that high but we are looking at just under 73M per Overthecap for 2018, thats not including us rolling over some of the 20M in cap we still have this yr, nor does it factor in any cuts that may happen. Chances are we roll over at least 10M. It also only accounts for a 3M increase in the cap, which isnt official yet (could be more). So 85-90M in cap for this offseason is very well possible. 
    • I think we get to 90 this season
    • Yep Cards lost which is funny, everytime the Cubs lose they cant even take advantage of it.
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