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Question of the Day - 11/05

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sb41champs    186

Sorry this is being posted late this week !!

Give a ONE WORD description of your impression of the Colts win over the Miami Dolpins on Sunday ??

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southwest1    10,378


Nice word there WH. Is it related at all to Mary Poppins "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?" Just Kidding!!!


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    • Im not sure what happened but everyone has a different gamepass except the US now. NFL decided to sell all the international licenses or something I guess. We got switched to the DAZN app here in Canada, and I know my buddy in Germany has it too (hence my asking if you guys got switched to it as well). Its like a Netflix subscription but for live streaming sports. Seems like a great idea but its been brutal so far. Even when it works the audio has been a good 5 seconds off of the video. Plus has the same issues crashing that you mentioned with your GamepassEU, as well as the lack of real support. Worst part is that we cant even get NFL Sunday Ticket or the NFL Network through cable anymore either, so we are stuck with this app or semi-illegal streams. Sucks to hear that other platforms arent doing well either (especially one with the actual Gamepass name attached to it).  Hopefully they all get it figured out, cuz its looking to be a rough time for everyone involved if this keeps up. 
    • Can I dare to dream that Natson could be resigned?  Still don't think the depth at WR is enough with Rogers' fragility and the return game could do with an injection.   Has he been picked up?
    •   Last year I think everyone in the world just had access to the same Gamepass, whereas this year they have split it so that we have "GamePassEU" which is separate to the other Gamepass platforms, and it has been an absolute nightmare.    Almost all the regular kick off games on Sunday had major issues in the first half, I must have only seen about 10 minutes of action as kept having to restart the app.   I didn't have Gamepass last year but a lot of people saying that the app is actually a lot worse with less content and features than previously (we only got coaches film available last week).  The worst part is that you cant actually speak to a human about the issues, need to go over twitter or a contact us on their site which doesn't get answered.   We don't have DAZN in the UK I think, but others I Europe do.   To be fair to them, the game last week worked perfectly well for me (wish it was the other way round!) and they have been trying to put more apps together (PS4, Samsung TV, LG TV, etc) which was a big negative of the old GP.  Hopefully issues are ironed out in time for Andrew's return when we start tearing up the league!
    •   In fairness to @masterlock I don't think he deserves the hounding for starting the thread.  He is not saying "let's start Brissett over Luck", just comparing them and the fact Brissett has looked every bit an NFL starter, which he has.   He even mentions it is only two games and that only time will tell.   Sometimes this board is a bit too quick to jump on people just trying to start a conversation.
    • What do you guys have over there? Did you guys get stuck with that DAZN app too? Its been terrible so far. 
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