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Question of the Day - 11/05

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Sorry this is being posted late this week !!

Give a ONE WORD description of your impression of the Colts win over the Miami Dolpins on Sunday ??

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Nice word there WH. Is it related at all to Mary Poppins "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?" Just Kidding!!!


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    • Multiple injuries.    On one hand I gotta give the dude mass credit for playing thru the pain but on the other hand, what kind of permanent damage is he risking by doing so?
    • You missed my point re Houston. So why did such an awful team beat us if it was not due to travel? And whatever your reason is, could it not be the same reason as why we lost to Jacksonville? I.E. nothing to do with the venue/travel/jet lag/funny weather/weird English folk/fans of 32 teams watching.....
    • I want to see how this season plays out. We really don't know the details of how players are being coached. All I know is that the players (who want to win a championship as much, if not more than we want them to win one) respect Pagano and believe he is the coach who can get them there.    As far as Grigson, yeah, he has "struck out" in both the draft and FA. NO GM in the league hits on all decisions. He's made some good choices as well, but fans look past that.    I would argue that the talent is there, but the Colts have beaten themselves at times. And the players have to take responsibility for that.  Also, the team has yet to get completely healthy. Because of that, inexperience has played a role in this year's record and we've seen a lot of mental errors.   People think you can wave a "magic wand" and bring in someone new to make the Colts able to compete for a championship. (Don't forget  Belichick had some rough years in Cleveland, before he was successful).     Here's my question to all who want them gone:  Should the Colts win the championship before their contracts expire, would you have the objectivity to admit you were wrong? Just sayin.....                    
    • Positive.  At the time, drafting the best pass rusher available at pick 24 was the smart decision.  While drafting for need is not the preferred route, Freeny's contract and Mathis' age made OLB an exceptional need, especially since neither could play the run in the new 34 scheme we were installing.   Taking Rhodes would have meant we would have either put him on the bench behind Toler, or play him and cut Toler with some salary cap dead money.  And before people start squawking about Toler, a the time, the Colts were switching to a press man CB scheme away from the zone, and Toler was a pretty good press man CB, who displayed that until his injury bug continued (when signed, Toler's play was not questioned, it was his knee injury and injury history)   At the time, if Rhodes was drafted, we would have had three good CBs, with #1, #2 draft picks and good money devoted to the position, but only the ability to play 2....with virtually no OLB on the roster.  Too many CBs and not enough OLBs.   Picking Rhodes would have been an extremely stupid decision at the time.  But now, hindsight makes it look the opposite.   Which is why I support Grigson.  I have never faulted any decision he has made at the time, given the circumstances at the time (except TR trade).  Whether or not they work quote Polian....A GM is right about first round picks about 60% of the time.
    • Intro: The Colts (3-4) will play their third AFC West Game of the season on Sunday in welcoming the Chiefs (4-2) to Lucas Oil Stadium. Here are the key ingredients, presented by Papa Johns, to victory for the Colts this week in playing the Chiefs. View the full article
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