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I have been saying the same thing for the last few weeks. One hundred yards rushing and a turnover will nearly guarantee a victory. Andrew Luck appears to more than able to take care of the rest. When is the last time we had a turnover. We need more past rush. Dwight Freeny definitely had his best game. Corey Redding is definitely an asset. I know he enjoys being a cheerleader, but for my money I would like to see all that energy focused on playing defense. I am really pleased with our developing running game and its depth, with Ballard, Carter and Brown. GO COLTS cage the Jags!!!!

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    • @Finball and Chicago are up next
    • With the 220th pick, The Washington Redskins select:    Travin Dural, WR, LSU   @Finball and The Bears are on the clock
    • I wanted to create a topic where we could discuss the facts that were presented in Stampede Blue's film breakdown of our current Offensive lineman and some info I pulled from PFF, and hopefully get a better understanding of what it is they do well and where they need to improve. I see a lot of people that post here that have some misconceptions about each player, and these film breakdowns may clear up some of that, so that we can have a more appropriate discussion on what to do in the draft and where we stand as a team.   So, for the sake of saving time, I put a link to all the articles below, and summarized the main takeaways from each. (Everything below was taken from the articles I've linked, none of it is my own deductions or thoughts.)   PFF Offensive Line Rankings- Colts Ranked 25th Overall- The most interesting bit of information from this was that they felt Castonzo had a really strong year, and that our original starting 5 were far superior to ANY combination we used when we had to account for injuries.   Anthony Castonzo - PFF 20th Ranked LT Strengths- Good awareness, athletic and strong, good ability to anchor, wins most of the time when he initiates contact. Weaknesses- Way too inconsistent, sometimes utilizes poor technique, susceptible to bull rushes Pass Protection- Good
      Run Blocking- Good-  (PFF ranked Castonzo as our top rated run blocker) Upside- If he can work on his technique, he can become the top level LT that we need him to be, and that he was a few years ago. Overall- Solid Starter   Jack Mewhort  Strengths- Everything- Athletic, intelligent, great in both pass protection and run blocking. Mewhort should be a rock on our O-line for years. Weaknesses- Very little, occasionally released a block too early. Pass Protection- High Quality Run Blocking- High Quality Upside- Perennial Pro-Bowler
      Overall- High Quality Starter   Joe Haeg at RG and Joe Haeg at RT Strengths- Very mobile, able to get to and be effective at the second level, good technique, like Castonzo he wins most of the time that he initiates contact, good run blocker Weaknesses- Very poor anchor that becomes a major liability in pass protection, not physically strong enough to beat some defenders when asked to "hold the line," victim of making some mental errors that could be attributed to being a rookie Pass Protection- Below Average
      Run Blocking- Good Upside- If he is able to add strength in the weightroom and develop a stronger anchor, Haeg could be a strong starter at RG or RT in the future. But until he can add strength and develop his anchor, his ceiling is very limited.
      Overall- Back-Up with upside.     Le'Raven Clark Strengths- In his rookie season, Clark showed flashes of being a High Quality Starter. Incredible athlete, great anchor, long arms and strong hands, can shadow defenders well, athletic enough to get to the second level in the run game.  Weaknesses- In his rookie season, made some mental errors, susceptible to being beat with leverage when he punches and pushes off instead of locking on. Pass Protection- Good Run Blocking- Good Upside- As he develops, Clark could become our future LT if Castonzo doesn't improve. This upcoming year could be a breakout year for Clark.
      Overall- Solid Starter     Denzelle Good- Pass blocking and run blocking Strengths- The biggest and perhaps strongest lineman on the roster, can win one-on-one in pass protection and run blocking, great anchor, viscous at the point of attack, mauler and brutish run blocker, wins more often than not Weaknesses- Lacks technique in certain areas such as dealing with speed rush, releases blocks too quickly on occasion, not very mobile in the run game, loses his balance in both the run game and passing game Pass Protection- Good Run Blocking- Good Upside- Good has the ability to be our starting RG if he can develop his technique, work on keeping his balance, and potentially drop weight in order to become more mobile in the run game. Hopefully, with help from Joe Philbin, as he enters his 3rd season, he shows improvement in those areas and can put a strangle hold on the RG spot.
      Overall- Solid Starter ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Missing from this list is obviously Kelly, but we all know he's a stud and is going to be our starting Center for years to come. Also, there is no info on newly signed Brian Schwenke.   Using this information, I think we can see that there is a ton of upside with our current roster.    Kelly, Mewhort, and Le'Raven Clark look to be the real deal. Denzelle Good has size and strength that cannot be taught. If he can work on his technique a bit he could become a huge asset for us. Same thing with Haeg. Haeg shows very good technique, and if he can add some strength and develop a strong anchor (easier said than done, I know) I think Haeg could turn into an All-Pro RG or RT. And if we can get Castonzo back to the level he was playing at before, then we're all set at LT and RT.   I bring a lot of this up because I know the media has made a big deal about the Colts spending a high draft pick on OL. Now, I was all for trying to sign one of the top Free Agent Guards, because we had the money, but I think we have more pressing needs to address in the draft. Good is starting his 3rd year, Haeg and Clark are entering their second. If these guys can take some big steps forward and can STAY HEALTHY, our line could be leaps and bounds better.   Personally, looking at the information above, I think it would be a mistake to use anything more than a 4th round pick on another lineman.   And as a side note, the O-line has been in Indy working together, training and in the weight room for a lot of the off-season. That gives me even more hope, especially for a player like Haeg.
    • I started watching the Oklahoma State-Texas Tech Softball Game since the NASCAR race was postponed then the IndyCar Race so I missed the end
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