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Keys to Victory

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I have been saying the same thing for the last few weeks. One hundred yards rushing and a turnover will nearly guarantee a victory. Andrew Luck appears to more than able to take care of the rest. When is the last time we had a turnover. We need more past rush. Dwight Freeny definitely had his best game. Corey Redding is definitely an asset. I know he enjoys being a cheerleader, but for my money I would like to see all that energy focused on playing defense. I am really pleased with our developing running game and its depth, with Ballard, Carter and Brown. GO COLTS cage the Jags!!!!

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    • All I have to say is I hope the Raiders lose horrendously and Marshawn Lynche retires.
    • If we win out I think we make the playoffs. We can hand Balt and Buf losses and take the last playoff spot from them. This is all whimsical though.
    • The AFC is looking quite weak in general. I see the Pats and Steelers as the only serious contenders. JAX picked a good year to get serious. With some luck they could hit the AFC conference championship game. So yeah we could win out. The conference is in flux. I can't wait till Brady and Big Ben retire. There's a solid chance the AFC south sends two teams to playoffs next year.    
    • You have to admit Eli beating the Pats twice in the SB is priceless, once when they were 18-0 looking for perfection. Peyton 3-1 vs Brady too in Title Games, man those Manning's saved us from watching the Pats winning 10 SB's possibly. I am just glad Peyton went out on top and got that 2nd Ring as a starter. Getting Ring #2 validates that he is a great winner because only 11 other QB's have won 2 or more SB's as a starter. Anyone can win 1 but getting #2 proves a lot winning wise. Yeah Eli has won 2 as well but Peyton has 5 League MVP's to his 0. So I would take Peyton's career easily over Eli's now because of the 2nd Ring + the League MVP's. I am hoping Ben Roethlisberger doesn't win his 3rd because he isn't near the QB Peyton was, that would be sad if he had more SB wins. Ben is like Eli though = 0 League MVP's.    -Only Tom Brady (5), Joe Montana (4), Terry Bradshaw (4), and Troy Aikman (3) have won more SB's than Peyton as a starter. So even if someone wanted to go by just SB Rings, Peyton is still a Top 5 QB of all-time because League MVP's is the tiebreaker amongst the 2 Time winners. League MVP is easily the 2nd best thing to win only behind the SB. Winning League MVP means you were voted as the best player or most valuable by the media in the whole league. I just love how Peyton haters are so butt hurt the way he got #2 because Denver's D carried him in the SB . Peyton still earned #2 though because he played well vs the Pats. Brock would've never beat the Pats on that type of stage. Too much pressure and BB didn't fear him at all. Brock played well in that Reg Season and beat the Pats actually in the Reg Season but in a Title Game it would've never happened.
    • Different animal = great Playoff record. Flacco has always been solid in the Playoffs. He has also beat the Pats twice in 2009 and 2012, should've beat them in 2011 but his WR dropped a TD late in that Title Game.
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