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    • So I'm going to make a team of the best players peyton and tom have played with in their careers and you tell me who do you think would win.   Thomas     Wayne     Pollard Glenn Scott Saturday Lilja Clady   Harrison                                                                  Manning                                                                   James                                               Mathis Jackson Knighton Freeney  Talib                                              Miller     Brackett     Ware                    Harris                                                                      Ward                                        Sanders   Brown    Welker        Gronk Light Mankins Koppan Neal Solder  Moss                                                         Brady                                                         Dillion   Revis                                    Warren Wilfork Seymour                               Law                                          Vrabel Seau Bruschi Thomas                                Harrison                                       Mccourty     To the best of my knowledge this is best lineup, but if you think changes are needed go ahead and provide your own lineup
    • I say Emmitt cause he's just not better then the other 3 lol 
    • I honestly won't be mad if they take their sweet time with him if he misses games and we lose off well just gives Ballard a better draft position next year and another top defender will be great lol
    • Fair enough. Unfortunately we can't play the what if game or hypotheticals though, if we could, I'd have Belichick on the Colts 100 times out of 100.
    •   Im not punishing Tom for having a great coach, I'm giving Bill the credit that he is due that is being given to Brady. As we have seen the last 5 years, your coach is really the one who makes or breaks your team. 
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