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Our Rookies

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I know Andrew Luck will grab most of the headlines, but we're getting great production from our rookies this season!!! Allen, Fleener, Ballard and Hilton have all made big plays so far this season.

I'm no Colts historian, but I can't recall a rookie class making such an impact.

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I was gonna be making this thread too.

Allen is gonna make some Pro Bowls one day. Hilton actually gained some yards on punt returns, don't see that very often.....not to mention another 100 yard performance with a TD. Fleener has such freakish athleticism you know he'll be a force once he settles down a little. LaVon Brazill made a nice 3rd down, toe-the-line catch. Ballard is beastin'.....although I like Brown/Carter a little better. Throw in a dose of future, franchise Nose, Josh Chapman......Grigson appears to have killed this offseason/draft.

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It looks like they have all turned a corner on getting open/to the right spots.

Andrew has been on the $$$ more the last 2 games. Fewer times the DB`s are hitting us as we catch the ball. BIG!!

Hope Avery is OK. He and Hilton are using their speed now and really are almost impossible to defend given just a little time.

Stay healthy Men and the Offensive Monster could be here THIS SEASON!

A few less penalties, keep working on the running game/pass blocking, and Andrew gets a 65 completion % and the rocket will have launched.

We are not that far away.

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    • There is a simple gameplan to beat the Jags, may or may not work but, run the ball on them because their pass D is ridiculously good.  Put 8 or 9 in the box and force Bortles to beat you.  Easier said then done but the book is out on them.  
    •   My only two cents was the fact that ASJ back was to this particular ref who was actually looking more at the goal line.  Either way, his view of ASJ rolling over was blocked somewhat.    As for the overturn, i hear you, it comes down to a judgement call on the movement and was it enough to show loss of control over the movement of the ball.   I am fine with not overturning the call.  
    • Yeah that can ruin a season. Rodgers is the best in the buz IMO
    • Wondering ;  Could the acquiring team agree to eat all or part of the dead cap as part of the trade?  If they have the space I don't see why not.  It's not like they have to resign Luck. 
    • This particular game may be the easiest one left on the schedule, so a win should be likely. However, the Jags are a better matchup against us than most people realize. Their defense is 100% legit now, it will make life very difficult for Brissett, he may not throw any tds Sunday. If we use Gore and Mack very effectively, use a 50/50 split along with passes sprinkled in, we can move the ball on the Jags. However, this will have to be done with laser like precision, which I don't trust the coaching staff to do. Fournette and Ivory will do well in the running and pass game, Bortles will look better than he really is, and the Jags will hold our offense to around 14 points IMO.   Jags 24 Colts 14
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