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John Waylon

Reggie's Leap

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Can anyone find a good picture of Reggie's leap into the crowd on the final Ballard run? Had me rolling on the floor.

That was priceless!!! Reggie is lookin' like a kid again. That's what winning does.

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    • Prevent is the defense I call the prevent me from winning they need to scrap that play from the playbook.
    • I agree on that but what I am getting at is their number of lineup changes in the OL which at last count was around 36. That cannot be defended ever. The players know they are failures. Grigson did not just make one mistake. 
    • The reason they both look tired by 3rd quarter is because they are on the field way too much throughout the game.
    • They just tied the record for the second most sacks given up in the entire history of the Colts and folks, that goes back a long way. They can't see their feet much less a light at the end of the tunnel. A good coach solves problems like many teams have done this season. The Colts get worse and that means either the staff is incompetent or they simply don't give a rats rear. Pagano's post game press conference after the disaster at home with the Jags showed he does not care. He was sarcastic and avoided every question insulting the reporters just doing their jobs. When you get hammered at home you have only one thing left to do and that is make n attempt to be respectful of the reporters who will turn and tell the fans what you said and how you said it. Ignorant Brissett said "Is there a problem with this team"? Yes there is smart guy and you a part of it. Hilton hammers the OL in public. All signs point to Pagano's lack of authority over his players. He want to be daddy and Santa Clause to football players. That has never worked at any level. 
    • We can probably even argue the more power he's been given and the freer he's been during his tenure the more his weaknesses have shined and overtaken the performance of the team. In a weird twisted kind of way Grigson might have been a balance to the buddy-buddy relationship between Pagano and the players. Right now wheels are falling off both on the field and off the field(players blaming whole position groups for the  failings of the team in front of sensation-hungry journalists, etc). I previously thought Pagano was an OK coach who simply not good enough to go against the best of the best. Right now I'm revising my view and leaning more and more toward the conclusion that he's not even as good as I used to give him credit for. From preparation to personnel decisions, to game management to player development... where is he even remotely successful? I don't see it. To me this looks like a total and complete failure on all fronts by Pagano. 
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