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Cassius Vaughn is playing like utter garbage

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Vaughns play is to be expected to be blunt he is not a starting Corner, he is only starting cause Davis is out

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He has played well for us in other games. I'll go with the notion that it gets better in the second half.

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    • There is an element of luck involved with football but I think teams that are successful are teams with a good front office and good coaching. 
    • Edge has superior years here in the rushing and receiving game. When he hurt his knee in KC that hurt his career but his numbers are Hall of Fame worthy
    • Yeah what is bothersome about the Cubs is our Offense shuts down on certain days and I cant figure out why? We will have 2 games in a row where we score 8-10 Runs or so then turn around and score 0. We have been shut out in 3 of the last 5 games, that isn't a good sign. We have the best point differential in the whole NL but yet the Brewers have a better record by a half game. IMO, Maddon needs to stick with a same lineup but he doesn't. He changes it every other day. I like Almora leading off, Heyward batting 2nd, Bryant 3rd, and Rizzo at clean up.   -Regarding the Dodgers they shockingly started off the season 15-25 through their 1st 40 games and Kershaw has missed most of the season. They are 21-7 over their last 28. Even without Kershaw they will win that weak Division IMO. The D-Backs are Good but have shown to have major flaws as of late. The Giants aren't the same team they were 3 or 4 years ago nor is Bumgarner the same Pitcher. 
    • One of the dirtiest players of all time, he also is a baiter,  years ago a player spiked the ball in the endzone after score and it barely grazed he leg after two bounces and he cried to the ref and got a 15 yard unsportsman like penalty against the player spiking the ball, he is a piece of crap. plain and simple, his opinions bare no foundation so he is one of many to be ignored when they open their mouth
    • I am not sure what that deal is. I was Posting on IE last Sunday just fine, I logged off. Then logged back on an hour later and it wouldn't let me Post. Very odd as when I went to Post it wouldn't let me do anything. It doesn't acknowledge you. Google Chrome has been great. I Post from a laptop and I am able to take it to work with me as well. My work computer also has IE so I am lucky there. It is a Website problem because my IE works on YouTube and news websites.  
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