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Inactives vs Miami

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@mchappell51: #colts inactives: Palmer, Davis, Green, Geathers, Guy, Hills, Fleener.

@mchappell51: #colts RB Donald Brown active, but Vick Ballard will start. Cassius Vaughn for Vontae Davis, Weslye Saunders for Coby Fleener

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    • 1970 and 2006. Colts were SB champs, NFL Network did these two years.  My two favorite years as a lifetime Colts fan. A lot of players and coaches to be proud of. I know to most, they don't belong together but I can't help it: both were my Colts, both wore the horseshoe. Unitas, Jones, Peyton and Luck. Moore, Mitchell, Dickey, James and Gore. John Mackey and Dallas Clark. The list goes on. To be a fan for all these years has been rewarding and frustrating. But I'm glad to have been a Colts fan and look forward to possibility seeing a team that ranks up there with some of the best that has ever worn the horseshoe. It may take a little time but I'm hopeful! C-O-L-T-S Colts!!!!
    • The mugshot will be a meme sensation!
    • Yep. We are going backwards and PG saw that and wants out. This teams has big contracts wrapped up in two aging guys Al and Monta and they are awful for this team. By the time you re-sign Teague to his new more expensive contract and depending on what you do with CJ who will be up for a bigger contract you really don't have much room to add anyone....even a shooter like Riddick might not be affordable. Its almost impossible to compete with the Cavs who are like 30 million over the cap when you have an owner like Simon and when you have to over-pay mediocre talent just to come play with you. I do think this team under-achieved but I'm not going to pretend its even close to contending. We are a long ways off from that and I'm sure PG realizes that....and its going to be very tough to convince him we can help him win it all and we will finally pair him with another superstar when we bring in Monta Ellis and say there you go Paul...there's your star upgrade...go compete. I'm sure he believes if he is in LA it will be easier to convince free agents to come sign and win something with him....after all...nowadays it takes 3 or 4 stars to compete with the Cavs and Warriors.
    • I personally thought his first game against Tennessee was his best of the season and top 5 maybe top 3 of his career. I went down to watch that game in person. Sweet seats in the lower bowl.    Luck  came out blazing. It was clear from the beginning there was an emphasis on getting the ball out quickly. And boy did he ever. 3 step drops. 5 step drops. Ball coming out on time. Throwing to spots and hitting receivers as soon as they came out of their breaks.  Back should fades...   Near perfection. Plus I think Doyle dropped a TD just before halftime or he may have flirted with a perfect rating.  Was well worth the trip down to see Luck put on a clinic...
    • If we are close to anything, its close to not being a playoff team. We almost weren't this year.
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    •   Sorry to keep harping on the Irish thing, but did you know the horseshoe has seven points on it?  (The Colts horseshoe, anyway.  Actual shoes for horses depend on the farrier).   Seven is considered a lucky number...  Lucky.  Luck.  I'm telling you, you picked the right team to root for.   7    
    •   Don't hold Boston against the Irish.  It's not our fault.    We love our green, which makes Indiana a tearmann.   I love it that you chose to root for an underdog instead of the Pats.  I don't think it's coincidence that you became a fan around the time Luck got drafted to the Colts.  That's providence.     Horseshoe?  Luck?  Four-leaf clover?  Come on.  Hoosier Hospitality has roots in Irish fun-lovery.  If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough!  May the luck of the Irish be with you!  
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