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Josh Boyce

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He probably measures in at 5'10 in the combine. I don't wanna completely disregard him just because of his size, but

1. He probably isn't a #1.

2. We probably aren't going to draft a WR, maybe a late rounder.

3. If we do draft a WR, I want him to be a future #1, Justin Hunter or Aaron Dobson maybe.

4. I don't trust spread offense WRs as much as pro style guys.

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    •   I too think he would fetch a 1st rounder from someone. The question is if Ballard wants to trade a quality backup before Luck is back fully healthy with a quality OL protecting him first. My guess is no. 
    • Maybe she just thinks people from a certain area are from New Orleans....or maybe because they went to private school.....but more likely she just knows Peyton played at Tennessee and yes is clearly clueless. Who knows but she sounds like a few posters on this board...reasoning with her would be a lost cause. 
    •   He is a 23 year old quarterback who had shown himself to be a quality nfl starter within 6 weeks of joining a new team and a born leader.   Who wouldn't pay a first round pick for that?
    •   I agree wholeheartedly it's the OL and front 7 (especially ILBs) where the focus should be and where we become a team capable of a title shot. But as to no OTs being top 10 worthy - I'd say there were two, but then Trey Adams (who was actually my favorite of the class) just tore his ACL and will stay in school. But I still think Connor Williams of Texas (if he declares) is a top 10 worthy prospect at OT. Quenton Nelson is a guard who is actually good enough that you might have to at least consider if you were picking around 10th as well, although that's super high for a guard. 
    • Are you in 5th grade? whats the confusion? i SAID mack, wilson, walker, etc. you are reading between lines and inserting uour own perception on it. WHO CARES? its gonna get handled one way or another. lets re-visit this after the season.  Until then its PURE speculation by both of us.  I'm sure the answer will be somewhere between our thinking.  Putting thoughts here in typed words is diffuicult because you cant fully explain a subject without a mile-long post.  I have a feeling our views are closer than we think, but we "read into" what we read because many thoughts are not fully developed as a typed opinion. relax, its probably gonna get wors around here before it gets better.
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