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The Colts are playing their fifth home game as the 2012 season reaches the mid-point Sunday. Indianapolis has entertained its fans with a 3-1 mark in Lucas Oil Stadium and hopes to extend that record against a rival from a previous division. The Colts and Miami shared spots in the AFC East for 32 years before being separated by realignment in 2002. Sunday, each team wants to forward its divisional cause.

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    • Possible 4th WR Candidate....
      No.    He's quite a good person.   But I see him as our 5th WR and Kick and Punt return guy.   I very much want to see him on the roster.  
    • Blockbuster trade ideas
      Bout the same amount of TDs as well.
    • Blockbuster trade ideas
      Rem I hate the Pats to but "abandoning" veterans lol come on mayne!   I read somewhere that before week 17 Cutler was the only starter that didn't throw more than 1 INT a week!?!?!
    • Blockbuster trade ideas
      I don't think teams that need quarterbacks are going after Brees or Cutler lol! Somebody could be conned into Brees but not the Bills. It'd be hilarious though. Brees is more protected and catered to, pathologically, than any player I've ever seen and I've seen 2000s Brett Favre lol! He wouldn't last half a season anywhere else.
    • Blockbuster trade ideas
      1. New England Robert Kraft trades Tom Brady to the Los Angeles Rams for three 1st round draft picks, three 2nd round draft picks, and a conditional 6th.
        Why New England Robert Kraft would do it: It's no secret Brady is aging, and New England's history of trading/abandoning veterans on the precipice of decline is well documented (Seymour, Cassel, Vrabel, etc.). No player is immune to the Patriot Way of dealing fan favorite players for their business related schemes, and Brady is no exception. Robert Kraft -- fed up with defending his city's star icon from scrutiny -- says he's had enough. He finally realizes Tom Brady is ruining the integrity of the game. This knowledge reaches Brady's ears from his informants, culminating into a death threat against Kraft. One day, Kraft accidentally sits down on a whoopee cushion, only to realize it's a deflated football with an attached death threat from someone claiming to be "the Deflator." Kraft rushes to his cellphone to notify the police, only to find the phone's destroyed! He bolts out into the hallway, immediately bumping into Tom Brady. Brady smiles, then says, "Hello, Mr. Kraft. You understand I'm playing until I'm 60, right?" Brady turns his back on Kraft and slowly gallivants down the hall, strutting his hips, abandoning a grief-stricken Kraft. Kraft falls to his knees, thinking, "I've created a monster! I'll be dead before he retires!" To protect himself, Kraft trades Brady, but Kraft can't help but get the feeling, while he sleeps alone at night, that he's being watched...

      Why Los Angeles would do it: "I just want to feel like a winner." ~Jeff Fisher
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      When I first saw this thread, I thought I was late to the party, but then I saw that this thread has been going since 2012.   I'm still late to the party, but story of my life.  I joined in 2015, but have been a Colts fan since I was a kid.   My first Colts memory is getting a hat signed by Quentin Coryatt at training camp, and that same year almost going to the SB.   My favorite Colts memory is beating the Pats to get to the SB in 2006.   Favorite Colts:   1. Peyton Manning 2. Marvin Harrison 3. Reggie Wayne 4. Dallas Clark 5. Brandon Stokely   Needless to say, Peyton (#1) and everyone he threw the ball to (#2-5) won me many, many fantasy football games, and are my guys for eternity.   You might assume from my top 5 Colts that I am a "new-age" "fairweather" fan who only likes offense and points.  You are wrong.  I am grateful for the offensive Renaissance in Indy, but Defense is my passion.  My secret top 5 Colts: Bob Sanders, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Cato June, Gary Brackett.   I want Henry Anderson to help lead a Defensive Renaissance in Indy.  Luck and TY are great, and I hope the OLine is outstanding, but the D is the Key.
    • Member Introductions! (Say Hi!)
      Hey guys,   I have been posting for probably a year or so now.  I reside in Brazil, IN, which is about 20 minutes East of Terre Haute on I-70.  I'm 28 years old and have been a Colts fan since Harbaugh days, but really started following and rooting hard for them after they drafted Manning in 98.  I love our team and my family and I make sure we are ready to rock for every game.  We always have viewing parties at my father-in-laws or my house and are known to holler and scream at the TV!  Hope all is well with all of you, and GO COLTS!
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