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Chuck Pagano Facts

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Chuck Pagano attacks sharks when he smells them bleed

Little Kids wear Superman underwear, Superman wears Chuck Pagano underwear

Chuck Pagano has a Grizzly bear carpet in his room, the bear isn't dead, just afraid to move

Chuck Pagano can cut through a hot knife with butter

Chuck Pagano once urinated in a semi trucks gas tank as a joke.....that truck is now known as Optimus Prime

Chuck Pagano can kill two stones with one bird

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Not necessarily a fact, but rather a mindset: tenacious, relentless, & overflowing intestinal fortitude.

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    • The Colts were heading in the wrong direction at that point of the game it was the safest thing to do especially considering the way the Denver game went there at the end .   The Colts needed that win as we all realize the last thing we needed was another mistake 2'nd & 40 was a bad situation in this short season we'v already seen disasterous endings all to much Pagano has made some bad calls this was not one of them .
    • I agree he in my opinion was a weak link as I watched Haeg play moving over & taking Reitz 's spot  I was impressed with the rookie . 
    • BOTH # 1 picks    Manning did not follow a legend Luck did & based on his first 3 seasons did better than the legend both had a major injury 2011 - 2015  both had bad d's & bad o-lines , 18 had Faulk then the Edge , 12 has had no one even close considering these things its a miracle Luck had 3 straight 11-5 seasons to start his career in 18's first 3 he had 1 season as good .   As with 18 the best is yet to come give him a top RB & things will be much better .   SO IMHO beauty is in the eyes of the beholder Luck does'nt have a Harrison or Wayne or a RB that is equal to what Manning had yet in a short time has proved he is more than capable ELITE will come as it did for Manning it just won't come over night or without the weapons 18 did not become 18 by his self & 12 will not cannot either , He is not whats holding him back the talent around him is . 
    • Heath Evans is a joke the Colts have started slow each season Andrew Luck has been our QB we've had line issues & defensive issues yet each season better than the last our worst season in the last decade was 2011 with out 18 or 12 under center the Colts have had little success however even when we had 5 different starting QB's the team went 8-8  ,     3 straight seasons in the playoffs followed by 2015 1 game out of the playoffs the expectations in Indy are sky high we had a legend at QB for a long time 12 is not Superman yet but pretty damn close he had big shoes to fill & for the most part has done very good & IMO he will get the Colts back in charge as the,    Top dogs in the AFC South but even then Evans will never have anything good to say his buddy Tommy boy is sitting at home a liar & a cheat you don't have slow starts when you'll do anything to win that is the Patriot Way , Evans wishs to Deflate the Colts & there fans he is a ignoramus .   So while the Colts get off to slow starts they finish strong , So IMO we are experiencing growing pains as a team with new Coaches & Players moved around like chess pieces on the O-line & in the secondary   every where you look trying to find the best fit it can get a little ugly  & Yes ,    Injuries are a part of the game all teams experience them & move on    Heath is a Patriot Homer thru & thru & never has any love for the Colts his comments are Skip Bayliss like absolutely worthless he is a troll in every aspect of the word .        
    • Even though the majority of the last draft was on the O-line to expect immediate results is unrealistic. No one should expect rookies to enter the NFL and play like seasoned veterans. Like has already been mentioned, patience.
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