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Chuck Pagano Facts

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Chuck Pagano attacks sharks when he smells them bleed

Little Kids wear Superman underwear, Superman wears Chuck Pagano underwear

Chuck Pagano has a Grizzly bear carpet in his room, the bear isn't dead, just afraid to move

Chuck Pagano can cut through a hot knife with butter

Chuck Pagano once urinated in a semi trucks gas tank as a joke.....that truck is now known as Optimus Prime

Chuck Pagano can kill two stones with one bird

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Not necessarily a fact, but rather a mindset: tenacious, relentless, & overflowing intestinal fortitude.

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    •   I don't mean to sound condescending or insulting. But its frustrating to me how hard it is to scout for one, and how often people are wrong. I'm wrong about expectations from players sometimes, and but with the exception of alshon Jeffries, my scouting predictions have been really good for about 7 years.    My favorite quote was saying morris Claiborne was a bumb and I put Casey heywars as my top 3 corner in the draft when about 6 or 7 were in front of him. I think he was my 2nd. Not to brag or nothing.    But if you dont see a bigger, and somehow stronger Dwight freeney out of this dude, I dont know what to tell you. This is an easy pick up, no trade needed at 15. He a day one starter   
    • Oh yeah genius. How many times do you see qbs, especially at WVU getting sacked in wildcat offenses. Its designed to get rid of the ball in seconds.    You can't judge of one game, and he played with a very high motor. Which is more than I van say about bejorn, give up on the play warner.    You guys are really that blind you can't see the Shir speed and acceleration off the snap?    You can't see the force and quickness of his spin moves?   You can't see his knack for rushin hands up.    You can't see the power in his bullrush? Are you kidding me?   And BTW, this is a breakdown video of every play he was involved in.   This is not a highlight tape. Highlight tapes are for kids. Breakdown videos are for ametuer nfl scouts. Real scouts have all the film.    Let me post a highlight video so you can see the differnce
    • I think it would also help to see if converted players (went from a 4-3 DE to a 3-4 OLB, or vice versa) are riskier choices than players who stay in the same system. 
    • He's also noted for his coverage ability. But yeah I need to see what he does at the combine first. 
    • I agree. Like i said i have no issue in drafting a DE if it is BPA, just that i wouldnt single out the position as a "major need". I think it is definitely a need, but not on the same level as olb at the moment. Not to the same level where that if there was 1 olb and 1 de of similar grade available at our pick that i would choose the de over the olb. To me, for it to be a major need it would have to be to the point where i would be very unhappy if nothing was done at the position by the end of the offseason. I could live with DE position as it is. But I  would be livid if maggitt and Ayers are our starting OLBs week 1.   I think we are basically in agreement and just getting caught up in semantics. We are saying the same thing, im just on the left of it looking right and you are on the right looking left (if that makes any sense). 
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