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Two huge matchups in College this week

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I am so looking forward to this weekend..

Alabama vs LSU and Oregon and USC.

It most likely won't happen, but I hope LSU pulls the should be a hard hitting game....

The game I've been waiting for..Oregon and USC...Oregon is not my team, but are they loaded with talent and I love watching their offense...

I want to see what Marcus Mariota can do against USC....I'm really high on this kid..He's got a lot of poise and handles the fast pace extremely well for a red shirt freshman...

I think Bama wins by 7 and Oregon wins by at least 17 over SC....

If Bama wins, I want to see a Bama vs Oregon BCS Championship...that probably won't happen as can hope!

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BCS Championship game will be Notre Dame Vs. Alabama. The ratings will be insane.

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BCS Championship game will be Notre Dame Vs. Alabama. The ratings will be insane.

That's how I was seeing it as well..but I think Oregon is the only team that could even challenge Bama..out of the remaining unbeaten teams.

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    • Exactly, it's like getting your resume out there when the $#% is about to hit the fan.  I haven't heard it,. is it just more of his nonsense? 
    • You need to learn how to watch the Oline....  He wont get beat out of that position.  He is our now and  future RG.  
    • If our offense stays healthy and keeps steadily improving like it has been, I could see Grigs going 80/20 defense/offense in the draft and FA.  However, if pressure keeps coming from the right side forcing Luck into dangerous scenarios the rest of the season with no improvement, I would totally understand if Irsay tells Grigs and Co.  to spend rounds 1 and/or 2 on top notch collegiate linemen to make the line solid from LT to RT.  Also, we need another running back besides Gore.  If Gore goes down, we no longer have the threat of a running game.  Its a solid RB class next year and their are a handful of guards that have 2nd round grades or better.  Luck is the team and we probably need one more year of 3 draft picks addressing RG, RT (if no improvement is seen from Good, Haeg, Clark.  Ive given up on Reitz and his health/performance issues.  Although, I do like the depth we have now on the Oline even with the pressures.  The rookies are at least semi-capable of holding their own at the NFL level.  I'm one of the few on here probably that would be ok spending a 1st rounder on one of the top 4 RB's, if all linebackers we are high on are gone.   We always had a running game when he had a 1st rd RB setting up behind QB.  Dickerson, Faulk, James, Addai, Brown(meh, not so much).  Gore is all we have and he's getting up there om age. 
    • Chiefs on defense are 23rd in total yards at 371/gm 19th in pass at 257/gm and rush D is 21st at 114/gm  12th at 20.5... gave up 43 to Pittsburgh when they played compared to scoring 14 on the steelers   Pittsburgh   27th in total yds at 390  passing is 28th at 283 a game rush is 16th at 107 per game... pts per game 13th  at 21.4 per game.    Pitt has had a tougher schedule IMO      They are basically the same in points given up per game but otherwise yea they are better but not that much different and they seem to have our number.    Hope you're right because we have 6 of us  going to that game
    • That's one game... not a body of work in total.  And Haeg get's a pass.. next thing they'll do is start him at WR or TE at this point.  He's amazing considering how they have ping ponged him all over the line, while Good is inept at one position only.  
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