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Two huge matchups in College this week

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I am so looking forward to this weekend..

Alabama vs LSU and Oregon and USC.

It most likely won't happen, but I hope LSU pulls the should be a hard hitting game....

The game I've been waiting for..Oregon and USC...Oregon is not my team, but are they loaded with talent and I love watching their offense...

I want to see what Marcus Mariota can do against USC....I'm really high on this kid..He's got a lot of poise and handles the fast pace extremely well for a red shirt freshman...

I think Bama wins by 7 and Oregon wins by at least 17 over SC....

If Bama wins, I want to see a Bama vs Oregon BCS Championship...that probably won't happen as can hope!

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BCS Championship game will be Notre Dame Vs. Alabama. The ratings will be insane.

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BCS Championship game will be Notre Dame Vs. Alabama. The ratings will be insane.

That's how I was seeing it as well..but I think Oregon is the only team that could even challenge Bama..out of the remaining unbeaten teams.

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    • Supe..I appreciate the effort ...... 3 things..come to mind   Of the 3 vets Boston would LOVE to give us for PG, ..Avery Bradley has quality..a former all-star Unless I have misread his birth date, Paul George will be 27 next season..... all next season...His birthday is May 2. He will eventually be better than LeBron because LeBron will decline..its inevitable. LeBron will be 33 next year   ..and if, we do your deal and, as you say, we are competitive in the East for the title in 3 years and, since he's a solid shooter with insane wingspan  Fultz proves to be even better than Paul George..(lets say that happens) .... ...Fultz will, in 3 years,  be one year from free agency and we will have to get a big name free agent or he will walk.(sound familiar?)   The whole thing is just kicking the can down the road.....and not trying to win now Eventually, you have to go for it. I believe, as I know you know, that time is year..... 2017-2018  
    • To be fair, the team he was on doesn't exactly match up well against those better teams    But I see your point 
    • My tastes vary between Metal to Death Metal to Hard Rock to Rap to R&B.   So right now..... Favorite Metal tune all-time:  "Orion" by Metallica - even though no vocals, perfect blend of musicianship Favorite Death Metal tune all-time:  TIE!  "Biomech" by Allegaeon and "Proponent For Sentience II: The Algorithm"  by Allegaeon - I know you don't know them but take my word for it Favorite Hard Rock tune all-time:  "Unchained" by Van Halen (not Van Hagar) - so many by VH but it's my fav Favorite Rap tune all-time: "Nuthin But a G Thang" by Dre/Dogg - that intro tho; I don't smoke but if I did I could see myself doing it with this playing in the background LOL Favorite R&B tune all-time:  "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan, although "Congratulations" by Post Malone is making a run for me right now
    • You just don't get the concept of the matching salaries required in NBA trades... If NY wanted to trade Carmelo to us they would have to take matching salaries.. .....they would then release the players with expiring contracts they didn't want.   Understand?
    • I've worked third shift a couple times prior to my current job, both at an airport and in a factory. I always had a hard time getting adequate sleep no matter how dark I made the room, lol.  Just knowing it was daytime threw me off.   My current line of work is hard on my sleep schedule....I never really go into a deep sleep, and get woken up often, even when I'm home. I've been an insomniac for years though, since high school really, friends used to call me a vampire because I was always up late into the night wrenching on my cars or just hangin out, lol.    
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    •   Sorry to keep harping on the Irish thing, but did you know the horseshoe has seven points on it?  (The Colts horseshoe, anyway.  Actual shoes for horses depend on the farrier).   Seven is considered a lucky number...  Lucky.  Luck.  I'm telling you, you picked the right team to root for.   7    
    •   Don't hold Boston against the Irish.  It's not our fault.    We love our green, which makes Indiana a tearmann.   I love it that you chose to root for an underdog instead of the Pats.  I don't think it's coincidence that you became a fan around the time Luck got drafted to the Colts.  That's providence.     Horseshoe?  Luck?  Four-leaf clover?  Come on.  Hoosier Hospitality has roots in Irish fun-lovery.  If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough!  May the luck of the Irish be with you!  
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