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Luck's girl friend on hand for big City announcement

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Cool to see this! I am glad to see the "Luck family" supporting Indy events already and it's cool we got an event that Pechanec has a special interest in! I am sure they will be able to find a way to involve her like she wants to be when the event gets here.

Between this, Luck, and Jeanette Pohlen we are kinda becoming the home of former Stanford athletes lol.

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    • The most important factor that distinguishes teams in the playoffs is not just an elite QB or elite D, it is an elite coach, IMO. An elite coach with an elite QB or an elite D can do more damage than just the elite QB or elite D themselves, IMO.   Coaching decisions are so critical with field positioning and using the right personnel and preparation (whether it is for crowd noise, prepared for plays that a team may have run just 4 or 5 times the entire year, for throwing 50 times vs running 50 times, or for going up tempo or slowing down tempo and shrinking the game and possessions, calling a gutsy onside kick, preparing for Hail Mary, even taking a safety for field position etc.)
    • Just wish he would actually read what everyone is posting instead of reading what he wants to see and making outlandish statements. Lol
    • Tough call.   An elite QB can win you allot of regular season games and get you to the playoffs nearly every year.   That gives you a shot and if your "D" can play well in the playoffs, a Superbowl may be in the cards.     An elite "D" can also get you to the playoffs, but not as easily.   Low scoring games can go either way many times.  However, if you make the playoffs, there is a good shot at advancing.   That is assuming that instead of an elite QB, you have a decent one.   Osweiller doesn't make that list.   It's a tough question if you factor in extremes.     Mid 2000's:  Peyton Manning and Indy's defense or Flacco and Baltimore's defense?   Maybe Peyton and Baltimore's defense.   What would Flacco have done with Indy's defense?
    • Alshon Jeffrey would be a good pick up if we weren't already loaded at WR between Hilton, Moncrief, Rogers and dorsett. I see us maybe trying out a couple undrafted guys in training camp though. Couldn't hurt. We wont be seeing Jeffrey in a colts uniform though.
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