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Luck's girl friend on hand for big City announcement

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Cool to see this! I am glad to see the "Luck family" supporting Indy events already and it's cool we got an event that Pechanec has a special interest in! I am sure they will be able to find a way to involve her like she wants to be when the event gets here.

Between this, Luck, and Jeanette Pohlen we are kinda becoming the home of former Stanford athletes lol.

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    • That's so right. I used to drive through South Bend and I heard LeBetard on a South Bend station. His show made no sense for a national audience and they quickly went to something else.   He must be the nephew of the guy who runs ESPN...or his bookie
    • I've heard of Mike Francesca.. I've never heard his show.  Not one time.  Hes not on here in the Chicago area.
      I'm not knocking him..he must be good. I've just never heard him Howard Stern isn't on in Chicago. Most of the names you mention, I've never heard their shows. Russo used to be on with Don Imus when Imus was on TV...and that's where I know him from. Seems like a decent kid but he's strange   We didn't get Sporting News radio in Chicago except overnights. The NBC radio network was never on up here.  Daytime sports programming was and is pretty local in Chicago.... Mike North, Dan Jiggetts....Carmen and Jurko....Waddle and Silvy   With Sirius Radio..I know every body is on Nationally now... Ive heard a little of that (just got a newer car) and it sounds good..a channel for every sport. Interesting But its not free... so my interest is chilled by lack of cash    
    •   You have never heard of Mike Francesa? He has been on the radio since 1989 or so. His show comes on in most parts of the country on weekday afternoons. If you heard of "Mike and the Mad Dog", he is Mike.  He has had a national football show on the radio on Sundays during the NFL season for at least 20 years.   You mentioned Chet Coppack. There used to be a 24-hour sports radio station called Sporting News Radio. Do you know it? It may still be around but we no longer get it where I am. I believe it was based out of the Chicago area or somewhere in the Midwest. Chet Coppack used to have a show on Saturdays or Sundays. Other sports radio personalities that I remember were Jay Mariotti, Scott Wetzel, Nestor Aparicio, Tony Bruno, Papa Joe Chevalier (deceased), Bruce Murray, Rick Ballou, and others. I used to enjoy them because they talked national sports, not just local sports. 
    • Dont get me wrong, Dan Gilbert is a terrible owner. But, this is 99% LeBron's fault. Even If the cavs still had Griffin, there is nothing that Griffin can do to improve the team. They have no cap space to get big time free agents and they have no assets to trade, outside the big three. LeBron stood his ground and made sure his guys got paid. Tristan, JR, Shumpert, and Frye. Those contracts look as bad with the cap increase as they did before them. LeBron forced the team to trade any assets they had for the likes of Mozgov. Lebron got the good coach fired and had him replaced him with his buddy. Lebron gutted the team from the inside out and he's now doing his best to shift the blame of him.    Kyrie requested to be traded back when Butler was still with the bulls. Why leak the information weeks later? And the guy who leaked it, Windhorst, is well known to be LeBron's guy. Just more shifting of the blame
    • That's true..but a new GM can do the same. Look I understand why folks don't like Dan Gilbert. He never speaks. Never defends himself..and he bad mouthed LeBron on his way out of town.   But when you lay down the bucks the way he does, I think he can be demanding. I dont know what trades they can make in their financial situation... Irving wanting to be traded may be a blessing because it allows them to get finances back somewhere near seas level.   I dont know if you can count on the same guy who overpaid everybody to turn around and find value guys
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