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Coach @LOS on Sunday!

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During Chuck Pagano's introductory press conference to Indianapolis, he said [i][color=#0000ff]"Simple Me Complicated You"[/color][/i] to describe our new defense philosophy.

Yup, he took a[color=#ff0000] [i]complicated[/i][/color] disease like Leukemia and [i][color=#ff0000]simply [/color][/i]brought it down to it's knees and destroyed it. Pagano is tough as nails man.

If he ever gets audited by the IRS, tax experts will say to him "We messed up Chuck & Uncle Sam owes you a substantially larger refund." :thmup: :hat:
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[quote name='BrentMc11' timestamp='1351896031' post='323921']
How much wood would a wood-chuck chuck....if a wood-chuck was [color=#ff8c00]Chuck-Strong?????????? [/color]

Keep fighting Coach.....this is a marathon.....not a sprint!!! :burnout:

Well said Brent. Well said. :thmup:

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Chuck Pagano once ordered a big mac from Burger King, and got one.
Thr boogie monster checks under his bed every night for Chuck Pagano
Chuck Pagano once farted in the Sahara Forest(Takes a sec to get that one haha)

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