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T Y Goodbye

Welcome back MAC..glad you are safe and back with us again!
Nov 08 2012 08:37 PM
  • MAC's Photo
    Thank you thank you thank you. I was sort of back on Monday night, but between eating everything in sight, taking showers hot enough to turn my skin red, and watching election coverage...... I had to rediscover the internet. And this morning we woke to several inches of sticky snow weighing down all those tired tree branches.

    It's been a profoundly wierd couple of weeks.
    Nov 08 2012 09:40 PM
  • southwest1's Photo
    Welcome back MAC! You were missed on here buddy!
    Nov 09 2012 02:38 PM
  • MAC's Photo
    Thank you SW. Time crawls when you aren't having anything remotely recognizable as fun.
    Nov 11 2012 10:38 AM


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