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  1. Interesting article on Moncrief last season

    God that's a lot of speed at WR we have in Hilton,Dorsett and Moncrief.
  2. Nate Irving Lost 20 Pounds?

    I really wanted Freeman and Irving to be our starting ILB's with Jackson getting up there in age. But Morrison has me pumped.. this kid plays with so much emotional and will bring some toughness that this defense has been lacking.
  3. Colts' Scouts: What they liked about LeRaven Clark....

    Really excited about this pick.. Really think by the start of next season Clark will be our starting RT. I think this kid is an absolute steal in this draft.
  4. Something no one is talking about

    I think I read something that Robinson didn't give up a TD last year.. I'm not sure, but if that's true then that's highly impressive. I heard a lot of great talk about Mitchel and that he could play. Here's to hoping he can get on the field this year and show us what he can do. The depth is good, and if guys like Green and Geathers pan out, our secondary should be a strong unit for the next few years. Next off-season I think the Colts will address both linebacker positions (Inside and Pass Rush) If things go well, I could see this defense being very solid down the road in perhaps another 2-3 years. Hopefully Monachino can get the job done.
  5. Something no one is talking about

    The Cornerback Position. Anyone else excited about the depth we actually have at corner this upcoming season? - Vontae Davis - Patrick Robinson - D'Joun Smith - Darius Butler - Tevin Mitchel I know these guys have the ability to be a good group once the season starts and a lot is going to depend on our ability to be able to get pressure on the QB. But I for one am excited for the addition of Robinson and Mitchel.
  6. Shaq Lawson to get Shoulder Surgery

    If Kelly was off the board, Shaq was actually the guy I wanted us to grab. I think he's going to be a very good football player. Good pick by Buffalo.
  7. ESPN shows a troublesome Colts drafting trend...

    Josh Chapman was like a sixth round pick, so I really wouldn't add him in there. Look at the talent we picked up that year before we drafted Josh. I'm going to miss Fleener though.. he was one of my favorite Colts.
  8. ESPN shows a troublesome Colts drafting trend...

    Still don't know what the Colts saw in Werner. Such a waste of a pick.
  9. How the colts can get 47 sacks

    If Ridgeway can develop into a force to be reckoned with.. I'm going to be one happy camper. I've been waiting for the Colts to get their hands on a dominate DT.
  10. How the colts can get 47 sacks

    T.Y McGill will have more sacks than Art Jones.
  11. I'm guessing with Clark's body type and incredibly long arms, that he will developing as a tackle and not a guard?
  12. Andrew Luck Overrated?

    Andrew Luck - Never had an offensive line. - Never had a running game. - Never had a top 5 defense. - Has Ryan Grigson as his GM.
  13. Moncrief hasn't shown me enough that he could potentially be a #1 but with hopefully an improved line, our receivers should be getting more opportunities down the field. When we drafted Kelly I immediately thought of the Pouncey's ( I actually think in time Kelly will be better than the Pouncey's, and will be the best center playing in the NFL, yeah he's that good) Grigson absolutely nailed the first pick by taking Kelly, but this was also a no brainer that 98% if true Colts fans would of made the same decision.
  14. Arian Foster

    Man, I would sign him just so he can't kill us anymore. Really love Foster as a RB, but like people mentioned earlier.. It feels like another Ahmad Bradshaw situation. I really loved when Bradshaw was here and playing healthy.. Too bad he couldn't stay on the field and play for us this season, since there's a chance our offensive line might actually be able to block. I wouldn't mind Foster though if he came really cheap, but with Luck most likely getting paid sometime within the next few months, who knows what's going to happen.
  15. Vontae Davis wants the colts to sign Dwight Freeney

    But Erik Walden wears #93 I couldn't see Freeney in any other number here in Indy.

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