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  1. Let's re-sign Dwayne Allen to a 4 year 29 million dollar contract, so he can sit on the bench, drop the ball and continue to disappoint. Jack Doyle is more deserving of that contract.
  2. How about when the Colts got the ball late in the second quarter with roughly 35 seconds to go and two timeouts and Pagano decided to take a knee instead of trying to add onto our lead. Luck was on fire and we had two timeouts. We also have that Vinatieri guy who can't seem to miss. Pagano needs to go. Plain and simple.
  3. No. Jackson and Morrison are backup players at best, nothing special. This is the Colts weakest position IMO.
  4. I don't like one single MLB on this team. Weakest position on the team.
  5. The Colts NEED to make some sort of change on the defensive side of the ball. If I'm Grigson, I'm going all in on an attempt to bring in some sort of pass rusher or inside linebacker here to help this horrific defense. When is the trade deadline?
  6. McGill was arguably our best defensive lineman last year and was really turning it up at the end of the season. All the guy does is make plays, yet, is always on the bench. I think he should be getting all of Parry's snaps.
  7. I absolutely love this kid and I get so angry every week when he's 'inactive' the guy should seriously be starting. Pagano needs to go now.
  8. 31st? You mean to tell me there's actually someone worse?
  9. Definitely the worse since I became a fan in 94.
  10. Grigson and Pagano had five years to lay out the blueprint and build a respectable defense for this organization and I can honestly say.. they made it worse. They failed. Miserably.
  11. I think it would just be better off if our GM, Head Coach and Owner didn't speak at all. I think what he meant to say was 'We should be 0-6' Someone should drug test this guy.. our defense is terrible and there's no way in hell we could be undefeated with how awful we are.
  12. Yeah, let's blame Luck for our loss to the Texans. Not the defense for giving up a 14 point lead and making Lamar Miller look like Barry Sanders on Sunday Night. If you think Luck is the problem, you sir, need to get your eyes checked..
  13. The Colts surrounded Manning with a solid offense all around. They failed to give him a defense and when the Colts played teams with talent on both sides of the ball and went against superior coaches.. it was the Colts defense that couldn't keep opposing teams out of the end zone.
  14. Let's face it, The Titans are going to run the ball down the Colts throats and win this game. Pagano will hit the podium and show no emotion at all. Grigson and Pagano will talk about how the team needs to improve in the same areas they lacked in since 2012. Irsay will talk about how he still has confidence in his Head Coach and GM. The Colts will move to 2-5 and continue to be the laughing stock of not only the AFC South, but the entire NFL. New week, same result, same story. Until we have a new coach and GM, this team will continue to suffer and lose.
  15. So everyone can see how terrible this guy is as a GM, except for Irsay and Grigson himself. If Luck wasn't such a class act, I wouldn't care if he demanded a trade. Grigson failed. Pagano failed. Jim Irsay sir, you're by far the dumbest Owner in the NFL.

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