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  1. Colts opening day O-line

    Either way, this offensive line is a mess. Grigson must have brain damage or just doesn't like Luck. Now we're going to overpay Luck and still have no offensive line. Same old story every year.
  2. OLD,ILB,OL. Anything outside of those three needs will be a huge disappointment.
  3. Colts should trade 18th pick....

    The Colts select Peyton Manning with their 18th pick. #18 returns to Indianapolis.
  4. Colts should trade 18th pick....

    Stick at 18 and take a pass rusher or offensive lineman.
  5. Reitz vs Good

    I seriously thin Good takes the cake.
  6. Jack Doyle signs

    Still wished we signed Chandler.
  7. Rotoworld Ranks NFL GMs

    I'm wondering how much cap space the Colts will have next season? I wonder if Grigson set the Colts up to make a strong push (even after Luck gets paid)
  8. Our divisional "party" is over

    The Colts are probably the third worst team in the division. I think the Titans can be scary good this season if they nail the draft.
  9. ESPN suggests the Colts should trade for Joe Thomas

    Don't we need to get younger? I'm pretty sure Joe Thomas is at least 33.
  10. Colts 2016 Record Preseason Poll!

    The offensive line and pass rush still never got addressed. Right now, this is a 6-10 team at best.
  11. Problems between Colts and Luck?

    Luck will be a Colt for many more years. He will sign a new deal and become the richest player in NFL history. It's up to Grigson to build an offensive line around him though. Otherwise his talent is being wasted. Luck could make better decisions and get the ball out quicker and actually learn how to slide. His career won't last long if he continues to take a pounding.
  12. How good can Geathers be?

    I kind of wish we picked up a ball hawking safety to play next to Geathers. I love him as a hitter/ run stuffer. Mike Adams is getting old.
  13. Colts sign CB Patrick Robinson

    Why does everyone want Wiesnewski? I don't think he's that good.
  14. Colts sign CB Patrick Robinson

    Nice signing.
  15. new coaches

    The team is definitely worse now. We still lack pass rush and have no offensive line. We lost our more productive TE and best LB. This team is a mess. I don't even think we win the AFC South this year.

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