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  1. Marvins words to Peyton

    Man do I miss #88.. my all time favorite Colt.
  2. draft

    Draft heavy in defense.   Go after proven offensive lineman during free agency.
  3. Is it an indictment on the Colts that......

    Good coaching and tough defenses always killed the Colts back in the Manning era. Even with home field advantage, our defense always killed us.
  4. What to do with frank gore

    Get #12 back and build a line in front of Gore. Then draft Elliot and have a dynamic 1-2 punch ;D
  5. Defense Wins Championships?

    I can't even recall the last time a teams offense won them a ring. Maybe the 99' Rams.
  6. Defense Wins Championships?

    Defenses and Offensive lines win championships. The Colts have neither.
  7. Ryan Clady

    I rather sign Alex Mack and possibly and draft a guard within the first two rounds of the draft. If we spend money this year.. I would love to see us improve our defense..
  8. Reggie Wayne taking shots at Peyton of years with Colts

    Not like Reggie was anything special in the playoffs..
  9. Greg Williams hired as secondary coach

    Eric Weddle, anyone?
  10. Top 10 Defense or Top 10 Offensive Line

    When is the last time the Colts had a dominant defense? The 1960's?
  11. FA and draft review

    It's time to add some play makers on defense..
  12. Joe Philbin signed as OL coach

    I like it. Good signing.
  13. Colts recruiting ex Rams fans

    We should be recruiting Jenoris Jenkins.
  14. If we can get Joe Thomas, would Costanzo play RT?

    If Grigson made this move and moved his best offensive lineman out of position.. he should be fired immediately.
  15. Any free agents you are interested in for the Colts?

    I wouldn't mind if we spent a little cash in free agency on the OL, so that we can get Luck some established protection, and then hit the first three rounds of the draft on the defensive side of the ball. OLB,CB,ILB,S.   We really need another guy alongside Vontae though.. If we can grab another established corner, we will be golden.

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