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  1. Luck is 0-2 against NYJ. Oakland and Minnesota will more than likely beat Indianapolis. Lately we've struggled against Jacksonville and Houston already beat us once. I just don't see this team being good enough to make a run.. if we miss the playoffs, front office changes NEED TO BE MADE. I can't sit through another year of this pagano-grigson crap.
  2. Dorsett and Allen and need to step it up.
  3. Probably the best free agent signing by Grigson.
  4. Dorsett is still in his rookie contract and is virtually making pennies. Let him play out his contract and then make the decision on either keeping him or letting him walk.
  5. Colts still have to play Houston, @MIN and @OAK. There's no way were winning the division. If we miss out on the playoffs again (which I would assume) either Pagano or Grigson need to go (hopefully both)
  6. The Steelers completely own the Colts. Bell, Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown absolutely murder us each and every time we play. If the Colts lose, the Vikings look like they're coming back into form and the Raiders are pretty solid. This will be looking like a 7-9 or 8-8 team all over again.
  7. A lot of these young guys are getting a lot of PT during the regular season because of injuries.. By the time next season rolls around, these guys should have a ton of in game experience and I'm hoping it pays off in the end.
  8. Love DQ for his leadership role, but age isn't on his side and age has definitely caught up to him. The Colts will need to bring in a young free agent or draft someone to replace Jackson. I'm hoping Edwin Jackson can be a diamond in the rough for us. I see something in that kid.
  9. Does Walden have another year under contract with the Colts after this season? If not, we need to bring this guy back.
  10. I forgot about Clark. Huge waste of a pick.
  11. I just wish we had actual Outside Linebackers who could get to the QB.. It's pretty sad when Walden's our best pass-rusher. We really need to upgrade in the off-season, this defense can't afford to put that position on hold any longer. Mathis is done.
  12. Wouldn't mind seeing Geathers as one of our ILB's down the road if Green continues to improve and as long as the Colts can fill the void once Mike Adams leaves. Geathers and Edwin Jackson paired together could be the future of the Colts at MLB.
  13. Nothing is wrong with Allen. He was never good to begin with and we re-signed a guy who stinks.
  14. Let's re-sign Dwayne Allen to a 4 year 29 million dollar contract, so he can sit on the bench, drop the ball and continue to disappoint. Jack Doyle is more deserving of that contract.
  15. How about when the Colts got the ball late in the second quarter with roughly 35 seconds to go and two timeouts and Pagano decided to take a knee instead of trying to add onto our lead. Luck was on fire and we had two timeouts. We also have that Vinatieri guy who can't seem to miss. Pagano needs to go. Plain and simple.

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