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  1. Jack Doyle Is not # 1 Material

    I'm gonna laugh with Doyle has Luck throwing him the ball next season with Mcdaniels running the offense.
  2. Jack Doyle Is not # 1 Material

    You can't win with some of the fans on here. Jack Doyle seriously might be the most underrated TE in the league. The guy plays hard, makes plays, keeps his mouth shut, and he's loyal to the Colts. The guy had 80 catches while playing with a backup QB we signed after the season started. You're right, Jack Doyle isn't the Colts #1 TE. Last year he was their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd TE.
  3. Watch out! Hurricane Nelson is coming through!
  4. Nelson is one of the more impressive guards I watched over the years. He's quick off the ball and just blows through people. I don't think I have yet to see anyone manhandle Nelson during a game.
  5. Luck went 11-5 three years in a row with no defense, offensive line, no running game, and one pro bowl receiver.
  6. Defense seems like the obvious choice at #3 but the Colts NEED to add talent around Luck. Because without Luck, the Colts can have all the Bradley Chubb's they want, but without Luck, the Colts have no chance at winning it all. Give Luck some weapons and blocking, and I believe he can win a ring with an average defense.
  7. Were you talking about Barkley or Elliot when you said he didn't do anything when his LT went down?
  8. I'm not concerned about how good players are in college. How many guys dominant in college and then flop in the NFL. A LOT. Joey Bosa came in and showed he was worth being a top 10 pick. Chubb didn't even get drafted yet. You shouldn't pick a guy solely based on stats, but you know damn well these coaches, scouts, and GM's are looking at everything when it comes to drafting these kids.
  9. I live in PA and watched a ton of Penn State games this year. I agree, Barkley is special and definitely has all the tools to be the best back in football. I would NEVER want the Colts to go running back that early in the draft, but Barkley is that one exception. I would be all in if we selected Barkley at 3.