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  1. No Vontae Davis?
  2. We can hope.. which is why I wouldn't mind selecting Lamp RD 1.
  3. Yeah I'm not giving up on #15 quite yet. Moncrief was hurt a lot last season, and now we have Aiken to really help push Dorsett for the #3 role. I think he turns it around this season, as long as he can stay on the field and Luck can comeback to being 100%
  4. Give him Lamp, Jake Butt and a stud RB.
  5. And Manning had a much better offensive line in front of him with Faulk, Harrison, Dilger and Pollard surrounding him. A year later he got James and Saturday too... Shows how good Luck can be when we finally surround him with an offensive line and a strong running game. Also shows how much better Bill Polian was over Ryan Grigson.
  6. Fixing the O-line in order to protect your franchise QB and to open up running lanes for your running game is STILL the Colts #1 priority.
  7. Exactly. Bring a guy like Lamp in here and a stud RB and maybe this offense can start being a little more explosive straight out of the gate. The Colts are a 2-14 team without #12 and we need to continue to surround Andrew with above average talent. He's never had an offensive line and a consistent running game.. that needs to change this season. The defense is nearly in complete rebuild mode and it's going to take a lot more than one season to get that unit where they need to be. I think another strong off-season with tweaking the offense, and continuing to add 'play makers and studs' to the defense and the Colts might be able to make a strong push in the playoffs. A new head coach and better coaching staff is hopefully coming to Indy in 2018.
  8. I don't see anything with trading back a little and grabbing Lamp in the 1st. Protecting Luck is the key of this franchise, and our defense is going to take 2-3 years to fix if we're lucky. Add a RG and stud RB to this offense, and we can score against anybody with a healthy Luck.
  9. Good ole' #33
  10. Some people have him going late in the 1st. I think someone will make a stretch for him and take him in the 2nd. He doesn't make it to the 3rd. Someone will take a chance on him earlier then you expect.
  11. The next Ray Lewis? I don't think there will ever be another Ray Lewis.
  12. God do we ever need a presence on the inside..
  13. It doesn't matter how good they are if we don't have a secondary who can cover people.
  14. If Ballard can nail this draft the Colts can possibly be a SB contender in two years.

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