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  1. Jimmy Raye, stay away.
  2. Pagano is fired up? The guy shows absolutely no fire on the sidelines when the Colts are playing on Sundays, so I find this kind of hard to believe. Chuck is too soft to coach in the NFL.
  3. Hopefully Raye takes the GM position in SF. I want someone fresh to come in and take over this team. I can't deal with Pagano for another year.
  4. McDaniels is staying in NE.
  5. Hopefully that CFL pass rusher he got us pays off.
  6. I don't even want the Pagano that we have and you want us to hire another???
  7. Grigson traded Jerry Hughes for Kelvin Sheppard. He should of been fired for that move alone.
  8. If the Colts hire from within and go with Jimmy Raye.. I'm going to be very disappointed. And as long as Chucky P is here.. this team is going nowhere.
  9. You do know Foster is going top 10 right? No way he's still there at 14 and there's no way the Colts will trade up for him when they have so many holes.
  10. Pagano is worse than Grigson. When the Colts fail to make the playoffs for a third straight year then you will all have no one else to blame but Pagano. Luck is seriously being wasted so bad here.
  11. Please, no. Can we just hire someone from outside the organization already? This team needs a new vision moving forward. Pagano obviously has a good relationship with Jimmy Raye and probably thinks his job is safe with him as the new GM. Let Jimmy Raye go be the GM of the 49ers.. it's time for a serious change,
  12. Maybe our new GM will finally bring us in a Running Back who isn't 33 so we can finally be able to run the ball and have defenses respect our ground game. I mean five years into building this monster and we still have no defense, running back and half of a offensive line.
  13. Under Pagano the Colts are playing from behind almost on a weekly basis. That ends up making our offense one dimensional and predictable. Pass. Pass. Pass. Everyone knows Luck is going to drop back and throw the ball. And with a weak offensive line.. Luck either turns the ball over or gets killed. Pagano's coaching is a huge problem. Grigson failed to produce us with some real play-makers. I think the two of them should of been fired together. Just my two cents.
  14. Pagano isn't the one who gets the Colts back into football games.. Andrew Luck does that.
  15. Wouldn't the new GM have the final word in Pagano's future? Doesn't the GM decide who our coach will be?

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