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  1. Savage

    Emory Hunt: Colts draft grade and analysis

    This guy must have a lot of time on his hands.
  2. Savage

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Okay, I'm in on this one.
  3. Savage

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Can anyone tell me the anything positive about this guy?
  4. Savage

    Question about Quenton

    I watched a ton of film on this kid and I honestly can't recall him ever being man-handled by a defender. He seems to always keep his guy in place or just runs right through the guy. Every play I watched him and another offensive lineman double team someone, they completely taken the defender out of the play. Him and Kelly together is going to be fun to watch. Is there any video of someone simply getting the better of Nelson? Question about Quenton* Lol
  5. Savage

    Oline lineup

    Castanzo, Nelson, Kelly, Smith, Mewhort, would make me very happy.
  6. Savage

    Quenton Nelson

    I literally screamed and cheered when the Colts announced Nelson as their pick. I never thought the day of me getting excited about a Guard in the top 10 would ever come.
  7. Savage

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    Do they want veteran leadership? Maybe. Hooker definitely isn't playing until the regular season and we have no idea how Geathers is going to look until he gets on the field this year. TJ is another huge question mark. Is she blind?
  8. Savage

    Sirianni's written tests to players

    I love everything about this article! A lot of people seem to ignore that talent can only take you so far and that football IQ is huge in the NFL.
  9. Savage

    Question about Quenton

    Dude just Chokeslammed someone. LOL
  10. I figured they wanted to wait until Training Camp to start the throwing process with Luck. Luck's been playing the sport and position nearly his entire life and doesn't need six months of throwing the ball to work out the kinks. If the shoulder is good and ready to go then a good six weeks or so he should be feeling like the Andrew Luck we had pre-2015.
  11. Makes me want to vomit. Wasn't that the game Moncrief had his coming out party?
  12. The Colts do have two second-round picks in next years draft. Trade both 2nd rounders and our 3rd for OBJ.
  13. Savage

    Malik Hooker Update

    He's the only Hooker I would pay to play with my emotions.
  14. Irsay loves this team and city. People bash the guy for past mishaps, but seriously, no one is perfect and he owned up to his mistakes and sought help. You can tell Irsay gives Chris all the slack he needs to build the team his way. I seriously have no problem with Jim Irsay. I'll miss him whenever he decides to step away as the owner of the Colts. We're in great hands with Chris Ballard, Frank Reich, and of course, Andrew Luck.
  15. Savage

    Terrance West visited Colts on Tuesday

    Mack, Hines, and Wilkins are all we need.
  16. Savage

    Malik Hooker Update

    I didn't expect him to be ready for week 1.
  17. Savage

    Former Colt Kelvin Hayden engaged

    It's cool. That guy intercepted a pass for a pick six in the SB one year to win us an SB title. He can do whatever he wants lol
  18. Savage

    Bleacher Report likes our offseason.

    Would love to see Ballard pull off a trade being TC for an elite WR or CB.
  19. Signing someone like Tre Boston would be a wise move IMO. - Hooker is coming off a serious injury. - Geathers' neck is a huge question mark. - Farley is a solid backup and Special Teams player, but I don't want him starting. - TJ Green, is well, you know, the project.
  20. He will probably sign with New England and score 15 TD's
  21. Savage

    Question about Quenton

    Man, Nelson sure did open up some nice holes in that clip. He mainly went against the opposing DT's or swung to the outside to blow a block (Which he's exceptional at doing) He's 6'5 and around 330 already as a rookie, which is very promising since I don't think he will need to bulk up to dominate NFL Defensive Linemen. The more I watch of him the more I fall in love with the guy and he's already NFL ready.
  22. I was so upset when Grigson paid Allen and allowed Fleener to walk. I wanted him back so bad, but now the Colts are deep at TE and I'm happy with the talent Ballard brought in with Ebron. Eric Swoope is also a guy who can play but needs to stay healthy. Travis is another guy I really like. Maybe Fleener to Dallas? If Witten officially retires.