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  1. Run defense is encouraging.

    It's been two weeks.. The Cardinals Offensive Line is terrible. And so are the Rams.
  2. Quincy Wilson. Great Playing, Bad Luck??

    As long as we don't see the WR 20 yards ahead of him every game like we did with Toler..
  3. That time Lawrence Taylor single handedly won a game

    Why can't the Colts ever land someone like LT, Reggie White, Ray Lewis, J.J Watt or Von Miller.
  4. Quincy Wilson. Great Playing, Bad Luck??

    We really need to kid to live up to his potential. I don't see VD returning next year.
  5. Joe Haeg

    I'm hoping we address the LT spot next off-season and move AC to RT. I'm praying we can kill two birds with one stone.
  6. Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    If you think Luck is coming back by week 5 then prepared to be disappointed. Honestly.. Jim Irsay needs to step up and do the right thing by having this kid sit the entire season. If Andrew comes back and plays out let's say the second half the season on a horrendous team. Then he doesn't care about the future of Luck and the Colts. Sit Luck now in order to win later. Play Luck now and the Colts will be drafting a QB within the next 2-3 years.
  7. Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    How in the heck is this guy in the NFL? How in the world is he a HC? Why in the world is he still here after six years? This guy is the luckiest man in the world. He must know Jesus personally.
  8. Connor Williams Is Exactly What We Need.

    I wouldn't argue with that.
  9. We all know how our new GM Chris Ballard performs. ''You either perform on the field or you will find yourself playing somewhere else.'' I think we all know that Donte Moncrief is a guy we all know can play when healthy. He's healthy this season, but he's playing on a very bad team with a new young quarterback that we brought in a little over two weeks ago. And we all know that our offensive line is pretty terrible when it comes to blocking. So factor all of those things into our offense and I can't help but feel like Chris Ballard is going to allow Moncrief to walk. Donte Moncrief has become one of my favorite players on this team and possesses size,speed, hands and the ability to become a vital red zone threat when called upon. I want him to stay in Indianapolis, but I have a feeling he's not going to like the offer CB offers him. (If he offers him anything at all) and will most likely get snagged in free agency by another team. Donte Moncrief will be looking for a nice pay raise and long term commitment from someone and I don't see Chris Ballard being the GM who rewards Moncrief. I could see Ballard giving him a fair one year deal to prove himself in a contract that can be loaded with incentives, but I have no idea how Moncrief feels about our team right now. He may want to play for a better team in order to have a chance to compete for a ring while he's still young. I'm literally praying that these two can work something out so that #10 at least is here for one more season in order to prove his worth. Does his rookie contact have a fifth year option that we can choose to in order to keep him here for one more season for a fair price? If we play our cards right next off-season then the Colts can easily bounce back and become a playoff team. Luck and Moncrief have chemistry and he's the one guy I don't want to lose next off-season. Thoughts?
  10. Frank Gores future

    If he demanded a trade in order to get a chance to play for a contender I wouldn't be upset. He came here to win, and we failed miserably. We could be 0-10 and Frank Gore would still be running hard. He's classy. He deserves better.
  11. This needs to be said...

    I don't think people think about this, but you bring up a valid point. Some of these guys aren't making millions of dollars. Some of these kids coming out of college are barely 20 years old. It's like being a big fish in a small pond in elementary school, but once you enter High School, you suddenly become a small fish. These kids have families, friends and some even have children. Having too move 3-4 times within the span of a few weeks or months is a scary thing to imagine, especially when you know you could be fired at any point and may never receive another chance. Good post though.. it's definitely something I don't think many people think about. I remember guys being drafted and they were 10-15 years older than me. Now I'm like 7-10 years older then all of them. So depressing.
  12. IF the Colts somehow manage to end up with a top 5 pick in next years draft and have the option to draft back in order to pick up a possible extra pick in the first two rounds, then this is the type of kid they need to draft. Connor Williams, LT. Texas Longhorns. 6'4" 315. Age: 20 I rarely watch tape on offensive linemen coming into the NFL, but this morning I watched some film on Connor, and absolutely loved what I saw from the kid. If the Colts find themselves in the position to trade out of their pick, which hopefully lands them multiple first and second round picks, then this is the type of player I think this offense desperately needs. Especially Andrew Luck. This kid is a savage and uses his upper body strength to his advantage. He's a mauler. I literally watched him run through people like they were children. He would bring a toughness that this offense desperately needs, and protection to Luck's blind side. If we land two first round picks, then I wouldn't mind seeing the Colts use one of their picks on an offensive lineman, and the other on defense. Anthony Costanzo is struggling, so bringing in Williams to play LT in order to slide #74 to RT could end up making our offensive line significantly better. Gotta protect Luck and I believe Connor Williams is the right guy for the job. Plus, maybe he could fire up this unit in a way similar to Bob Sanders. By running people over.. Thoughts?
  13. How Good Is Arden Key?

    Yeah.. let's give him a few weeks to see how he responds once he's fully healthy. Thanks everyone!
  14. Connor Williams is someone I need to take a look at.
  15. Being a UFC fan I wouldn't mind the Colts drafting Rashaan Evans. So I can yell 'SUGA RASHAAN EVANS!'