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  1. Seriously? That's disappointing. Watch....Dorsett will be a Pro Bowler in NE.
  2. Colts QB Coach on Andrew Luck

    When you take a sack, you're not forcing the ball, ie throwing a ball with a much higher chance of being intercepted. Sometimes you're being safer with the ball by taking the sack.
  3. Patty Mac takes more shots at grigson

    Pat *really* doesn't like Grigson. I was at the celebrity softball game @ Victory Field last week and Pat had plenty to say about Grigson, it was fun entertainment for sure. He also mentioned that "Paul George is *still* in Indy." He doesn't hold back on anything, that's for sure.
  4. Insightful Article On Peyton Manning's Future

    No garble. Simply outdated information, and without a direct link at that.
  5. Aaron Rodgers is ridiculous

    He's the most perfect quarterback I've ever seen - his mechanics are so good, accuracy is phenomenal, and his photobombing skills are just on point. Aaron, keep being you man.
  6. What grade would you give to our 1st yr DC?

    Our defense with Manusky performed much better....and they weren't even that good. At least they got creative to generate pressure on the QB.
  7. Colts workout Nate Irving

    He had better be starting on Sunday @ GB.
  8. I manage about 100 people a day. Some of them are fantastic, internally-motivated individuals. Some are pieces of crap. This is my view on the subject - this is not Chuck's fault, Grigson's fault or the players' fault. The junk team we're seeing is an aggregate sum of all three. Chuck is a mediocre coach that makes some questionable decisions/calls and appears to hold others to a low level of accountability. Grigson has won some and lost some...unfortunately more of the latter. However, I truly don't believe many of our players are playing at their maximum ability. For example, I can't believe a beastly specimen that runs a 4.3 40 can be so poor in coverage. What component of the total accountability falls on the coaches vs the players is up for debate. But I think there are probably some turds in that locker room bringing the average ability of the team down. And on the other hand, there are coaches that aren't addressing those issues. Hence, penalties, apparent lack of effort, and frequent poor performances from some of our best guys. I don't know. Just my thoughts.