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  1. Yet Another Classic Colts Play Of The Week

    Bray should have just tucked it and took off, there was green in front of him.
  2. Anyone going to the Seattle game?

    Well that sucked. We had a good time though.
  3. Anyone going to the Seattle game?

    My 12 year old son likes Seattle as well as the Colts. We are flying to Seattle for the game from Louisville. Section 126!
  4. Andrew Luck hurt while snowboarding rumor

    Has anyone seen the movie Dave? My wife's uncle's barber told me that Luck is in a coma and the guy you have seen recently is a body double.
  5. Robert Mathis Hired by Colts

    This is awesome!
  6. Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    Immediately. Like, during the game.
  7. I believe JB will start this Sunday

    If Pagano starts Tolzien he should be escorted from the building immediately.
  8. Do you think Luck will play in week 2?

    My son and I are heading out to Seattle for Sunday Night Football. It would be nice if he would be back by then. Just sayin'
  9. Are the Colts a dumpster fire?

    With Andrew Luck our ceiling is high. Without, we are a forgettable, middle of the pack.
  10. Your Reason Why Luck Wiil/Won't Play This Year

    I am a season ticket holder. The thought of going to watch Scott Tolzein doesn't really get me excited. I want Luck back STAT!
  11. A question for Colt fans

    I'm taking my 12 year old son to Seattle this year. Anyone with experience there?
  12. Colts practice at Lucas Oil Stadium

    I got 8 with same email address.