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  1. As long as we get a few real horseshoe guys, I think we can all be proud!
  2. I say Barnett
  3. Is this not like a HIPPA violation?
  4. It's a new position to be in, where it could be so many different people. With few exceptions, I think we can usually narrow it down to at least position, if not player. I'm hoping Barnett slips to us...but I am good with really any non QB or WR. Well not any, but I'm sure you know what I mean. Cook, Lamp, a CB, all fine.
  5. I'm going to really have to study up to know anyone's number on the defense this year. Good signing, Hankins is a horseshoe guy.
  6. He liked the look of their training room.
  7. And I always wonder...if Luck is really good behind this line, what could he be with a consistently clean pocket?
  8. Moncrief? Excellent red zone receiver.
  9. Glad Butler is back. I loved when he sealed the deal against the Seahawks in the Super Bowl! Wink wink
  10. And heaven forbid we have a star on the defense!
  11. Dontari Poe in high demand. Visits Colts Sun, JAX, ATL, OAK and MIA wants visits as well. If Indy doesn't come correct he'll be traveling Don't know how to copy a tweet on my phone. This is from LaCanfora
  12. We have a LB core now!

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