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  1. I've always wondered why this guy never stuck anywhere.
  2. I liked the miked up Manning/Saturday convo. "Just block" Manning says. And something about not telling him how to play. "This is better than Desperate Housewives"
  3. Oh Boy! So THIS is the year the Jags are going to be good? Finally.
  4. The "Who is That Guy Agains"
  5. You know, I'm not really bothered by his comments. The eye test tells me that Luck is an excellent QB...but he is good for one throw every game or two where he hits a DB in the numbers.
  6. We've stayed one night on game weekends many times. We are season ticket holders from Louisville. Once in a while we make a day/night of it. The actual hotel isn't a big deal...what you want to make sure is that it is connected to the mall/stadium/convention center. That way you park once and never have to drive anywhere for the duration of your stay.
  8. If its not, we've witnessed an epic fail.
  9. Well, I care about a pass rusher. With a pass rush, even the corners we have improve. I'm tired of QBs sitting back and shredding us.
  10. As long as we get a few real horseshoe guys, I think we can all be proud!
  11. I say Barnett
  12. Is this not like a HIPPA violation?
  13. It's a new position to be in, where it could be so many different people. With few exceptions, I think we can usually narrow it down to at least position, if not player. I'm hoping Barnett slips to us...but I am good with really any non QB or WR. Well not any, but I'm sure you know what I mean. Cook, Lamp, a CB, all fine.

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