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  1. Moncrief? Excellent red zone receiver.
  2. Glad Butler is back. I loved when he sealed the deal against the Seahawks in the Super Bowl! Wink wink
  3. And heaven forbid we have a star on the defense!
  4. Dontari Poe in high demand. Visits Colts Sun, JAX, ATL, OAK and MIA wants visits as well. If Indy doesn't come correct he'll be traveling Don't know how to copy a tweet on my phone. This is from LaCanfora
  5. We have a LB core now!
  6. Are we talking before or after his next injury?
  7. Jack attack is back! I like it. I don't think he has reached his ceiling yet.
  8. I believe our current secondary improves with a viable pass rush.
  9. We should unload a bunch of picks to get the 1st overall and take Cook. That way, we are sure to get him!
  10. Let's go D! I'm tired of watching opposing QBs sit in the pocket with no pressure. Our secondary will instantly improve with a better pass rush.

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