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  1. It Never fails... My goodness
  2. not sure why/how people don't understand how hard it is to win games, let alone championships, at any amateur/professional sport....
  3. Lol "kid"... You crack me up, but it's also sad because you think you're all high and mighty like you have a clue what you're talking about and sound soooo stupid
  4. love when I'd come on and browse threads and people would have negative things to say about him and he needs to do this or that... god we are so lucky as Colts fans.. I still can't even understand how lucky we are with Peyton->Andrew.. it blows my mind.. and I love this time of year when we start to get the highlight tapes haha... we'll be there soon... 2016 it's on
  5. Ill never forget watching that hahaha.. He used to make me so mad
  6. everyone is looking at lol typical...
  7. why?
  8. I wouldn't mind the swap with walden, as least they'd be getting younger... lol... I feel they are pretty much the same player?
  9. I get it, and this is where I'd personally like to know more about contracts. Seeing prices rise and looking like "oh man what the heck Did they do that for?" Then reading people who know the numbers saying things like "it's really not that bad considering salary cap and demand on market and such"... So that way I can come more correct. Like i saw an article or something about Green Bay and Allen.. Like maybe a tweet from one of their best writers or fans, I forget.. But I see that and I'm like dang even with that possibility re sign someone because let one of those two go play with Rodgers and shoot!! Or they could just get paid and get hurt and sit. It's all a trip to me. and like I just get so irritated with numbers.. Like the dude who has 6 interceptions is looked at like he's better than the corner who has 0; but never gets thrown on, and is above average in tackling. I know it's not gonna happen because that's what it is and what we value as fans but like anything else it's never just cut and dry, but we all know that, and regardless will still always get fired up about it lol don't mind me I just ramble
  10. You need to throw some lol's or haha's in there for me.. I did think you were serious. I Wouldn't be surprised though if they gave him a shot thinking maybe pags could kind of Do a D butler thing and bring more out of him. I hope not though
  11. We have a breakthrough!!! i just like the devils advocate pov.. That's all.. and some topics on here seem so good and like they are getting good traction and then just get shut down because of content and I'm like dang that had potential. I completely understand though because you're definitely right lol if someone doesn't agree chances are they aren't gonna take even a split second to try to understand the oppositions point of view. You're definitely right
  12. And People shouldn't have to go search the Internet for another colts forum where they are accepted befause they aren't here, and should be able to give opinion on the colts official forum. You want to have your opinion and strongly believe in it, other people should have theirs, regardless..
  13. But like I said, and we don't have to keep going back in forth, but if you want to..... When it actually ties into football like a fine or suspension or release or jail time, or whatever, why can't we discuss it... It's still on the field football discussion, in my opinion. my thing is, and I feel this way for this time and place (2016) it's like as soon as someone has a differing opinion it's like "nope I'm not gonna hear it if I don't have the same views" and I just think that mentality hurts everyone. Even on a subject like fleener vs Allen, as soon as people kind of get adamant about their beliefs and say something with conviction, and the person arguing the point does the same from their view it's "shut it down!" I'm not for attacking one another but sometimes you have to take off the handcuffs and discuss... I was was obviously joking about this thread being shut down because I love differing opinions, I rarely post like I used to because I like to laugh at the comments, but I am serious about the other part, if and when it actually does tie into football.
  14. No I didn't notice.. How dare I?!?! Lolllllll :-/ of of course I do But when said subject just so happens to tie in with football... Then what??? What do you have to say about that Mr. "In case you didn't notice"?
  15. Let's not act like Allen can only block though. He can be that same nightmare that people for some reason think fleener is?... And he's shown that in years past (excluding last year and we all know why, even though we all want to act like all that matters is catches and yards/tds.. From the TE position, anyway) But I see these posts and Its the same argument in similarity on here as freeman and Jackson being exploited in pass coverage .. It doesn't exist, because as soon as one gives up a big play or td people act like that happens every passing down they are on the field and are thrown at and want them gone... people want to act like they are being exposed on every passing play like teams are just throwing on the two all day with ease and thats not the case just like people want to act like fleener is some amazing mismatch we exploit on a consistent basis (they don't). Maybe it could happen but it hasn't so until he becomes the threat people act like he is (all around) stop. And I'm a little off topic and kind of rambling but I think it's relevant. Im not happy about the past injuries either but the same things could happen to fleener or anyone else. Definitely not ideal but i don't know any man who is gonna get mad at another man for making money and getting hurt and not being able to play, especially in football / contact sports, unless they haven't gone through it themselves. 2013 sucked, but hey he caught that TD pass in which her got hurt going vertical so there's that. It would be another thing for me if he was dropping balls over and over or being used as a extra linemen and not being able to block. But who knows his health could be amazing and fleener could catch the bug, we just never know but to kiss a few games here or there, it happens and I'm not upset by it.. And again a whole season isn't ideal or even a couple every year, but it happens..I ask it often, cuz i just don't understand... "What do you people want/expect?" Because it's like we can't have it all (Health, talent, beneficial contracts, commeroderie, etc etc) but think we are owed that and get mad when it's not the case. I like both both guys and wish we could have both..

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