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  1. simple, huh?
  2. ... and all these people that think they know it all, that think the Colts should win every down in every game, that always have something to say so passionately about players or the team and act like it's just sooooooo easy to win... i would love to see a picture of them, watch them run, watch them throw a ball & watch them catch, and I feel like that would answer so much for me as to why they think and act like they do.
  3. Addai definitely didn't suck, Couch QB
  4. lol I love this forum. Wow
  5. yeah this one really ticks me off.. it's so old
  6. Lol this is great.. Adorable
  7. Lol bi polar eyes.. This whole thing is amazing but this has me dying
  8. we're back baby!!! football season and all the cry babies!!! I love how our fans act like our team is the only one with injury problems..
  9. It Never fails... My goodness
  10. not sure why/how people don't understand how hard it is to win games, let alone championships, at any amateur/professional sport....
  11. Lol "kid"... You crack me up, but it's also sad because you think you're all high and mighty like you have a clue what you're talking about and sound soooo stupid
  12. love when I'd come on and browse threads and people would have negative things to say about him and he needs to do this or that... god we are so lucky as Colts fans.. I still can't even understand how lucky we are with Peyton->Andrew.. it blows my mind.. and I love this time of year when we start to get the highlight tapes haha... we'll be there soon... 2016 it's on
  13. Ill never forget watching that hahaha.. He used to make me so mad
  14. everyone is looking at lol typical...

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