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  1. Does Pat Mcafee actually think he is funny?

    The high and mighty on this forum, lol.  Always have a (stupid) opinion (which is what keeps me coming back).  Heck yeah he's funny 
  2. Bring back Blue Helmets for 2016 season?

    nope.. Keep tradition 
  3. Jim is the problem with this team

    HELL YES!!!!!!   people are trippin
  4. The direction to go now

  5. Accustomed to being a Perennial SB Contender

    It doesn't matter. prepare for all the whiny, spoiled, know it all fans to shoot all of that down. people don't realize how hard it is to win, at anything. it gets rough but we've had a lot more winning Sundays than losing ones watching the team, and have witnessed them win a super bowl, so I have no complaints. Love the team..
  6. Hindsight : 20-20 Would you have paid TY Hilton?

    Lol the thought process by so many is awesome 
  7. The weekly Greg Toler sucks thread

    Lol you're so cute.. That cracked me up .. What a goober
  8. The weekly Greg Toler sucks thread

      Its pointless even responding, everyone knows everything here, except how/when to give any credit where it's due.
  9. The weekly Greg Toler sucks thread

      And if he does read it...You really showed him!!! Lol
  10. Denzelle Good

    Lol this guy
  11. The defense continues to play its tail off

    I wanna hear more about how we should get rid of Freeman and Jackson.. smh
  12. Yikes! Jackson and Freeman have a Combined

    But, they're both playing well, though...

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