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  1. I LOVE Moncriefs game but it seems as the years go on and he gets more attention, he's trying to be too cute. Not trying to sound high and mighty or judgemental, just looks that way. I do agree with whoever posted that it's sickening seeing guys dancing and celebrating when we are losing and by a considerable margin, I miss the days and the players who just handled business and acted like they've been there before. Cliche, but that's always been my type of player. Like last week Edwin Jackson had a couple nice hits and tackles, but after at least a 5 yard gain, and then jumps up like he made the play of the day.. I understand the emotion and being fired up playing and in first extended NFL action, but still what happened to the guys that just acted like that's their job and what they do.. and celebrate I love to see it but do it when you're making a tackle for loss or sack or stuffing a gain... Just rambling my bad... but it's like... nothing worse than seeing something like a db give up 13 on a 3rd and 10 but he makes a nice hit and gets up like "yeah, take that!" And celebrates... lol that's the NFL in 2016 for us. & I have questions about if you guys see the same things. 2 things. and I know a few mentioned it yesterday on twitter and the forum, but our receivers running at half speed?... just seems so odd looking and not something I'm used to...and then on certain plays/routes I'll notice TY (usually) will kind of bounce or hop after the snap, taking an extra second to take off upfield and get into his route. I imagine it's something to clear out before he goes to work, but with pressure and line problems it just seems like it lags, and it's something I feel like I've never seen until the last year or two and I don't get it... anyone else ever notice?
  2. McNary makes me sick to my stomach. So does the coaching. lol pathetic
  3. He looks so natural catching the ball. Makes it look easy. Now let's see how they use him.
  4. I'm excited to see him do more. That play he had up the sideline Sunday night was real nice. Nice catch, nice balance to turn it up and stay inbounds... I just would love to see him once lower a shoulder or even step out of bounds instead of just running upright and being hit low, and sent flying through the air and crashing down, but he's definitely a tough dude and fires me up to see if he can take advantage of an opportunity.
  5. lol there's a fine line between good and bad... I definitely understand. But that's a good thing right? (Not hearing or even seeing too much of his name, as of yet..) He's obviously playing extended time and we haven't heard much or seen much, and that's good, as opposed to being picked on and being beat up on. I did LOVE the play he defended going towards the corner of the end zone (I think in the first half).. I want to see more of Robinson, and I'm not too hyped on Melvin so I hope it doesn't come off like I'm his #1 fan or anything, but I do like the way he plays and handles himself.. especially for his specific circumstance...and like that he seems to have confidence and will go tackle.
  6. Didnt think he was any good is what you said... if you would have said outstanding I'd def agree. It just seems like everyone thinks our players are supposed to make EVERY play, all the time, so I just don't get the scale on which a lot of these guys are being graded on from the fan perspective. I don't know of many plays specifically, but i don't see him getting picked on all the the time or hear his name very often for being beat.. and it's hard as hell to be an outstanding CB in the league, especially in today's league.. so as a young UDFA player, and I like that he seems to be a pretty solid tackler, I think he's exceeded expectations so far. Definitely like him over Morris. i think I'm just irritated too..
  7. Of course not, can't please the high and mighty around here...
  8. LOL have to love the Couch GM / HC / QB / etc and the way it's said with so much conviction like he knows it all, but sounds so stupid... blows my mind
  9. Blah... it's just a mess
  10. Irsay and his daughters bug me
  11. Love this! ... & the rules!!!! Always changing the rules! Its a physical game.. I hate that they've taken that aspect out of it. And from someone who has so much pain in my body at 29 years old FROM FOOTBALL (I don't want to come off like I'm trying to sound like a macho man because it truly feels like it's wrecking my life and driving me insane from the nagging pains... and I don't want to see anyone hurt or laid out like collie) i just don't get it anymore.
  12. Never thought I'd ever say this... i hope the ratings keep falling. Horrible product they have right now. I literally feel like watching College & Pro ball that football IQ is at an all time low. the mistakes I see over and over and over again, coaches to players, is pathetic.
  13. had high hopes for Moore, but it's not all about stats and tackle numbers.. I still can't believe Freeman is gone. but Moore was horrible and looked clueless.

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