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  1. Lol all the boo hoo and Debbie downer attitudes/mindsets.. love the start of new seasons! "it's the practice field!! Yeah, that's it!!!" Oh brother
  2. Lol what?...
  3. Condolences, LJ. Keep your head up!! I wish I could say or do more to personally help you but just do your best to stay strong. Nothing but love to you and yours, my brother.
  4. RIP
  5. same here..
  6. When you look at GREAT players and how hard it is for them to win... I think that just shows exactly that, how hard it is to win... at anything, and at any level. Sunday night they were talking about McCarthy on SNF and possibility of being on hot seat and how with a QB like Rodgers you're expected to win.. and they got 1 but when you trip on it, it's like dang you really do think he'd win more... but yeah, it just goes to show you.. imagine players who never even get a shot... i get so mad mad cuz I'm used to winning but yeah I know we are just spoiled.. still hurts tho
  7. the product is suffering. I completely understand less people watching.
  8. haha.. Andrew Dice Luck out there, and with his elbow pad, lol I love it
  9. I just hope he wears that glove for the rest of his career
  10. It's crazy how they brought him in a few times for plays drawn up to feature him later on in the season, and on each occasion he hit, big (I wish he played more during the Raiders game). And, it's crazy how once Allen became healthy after missing a game or however many (I think that's what happened) and he wasn't playing as much and back to the #3 role, we did nothing to try to involve him, and that bugged me. I don't know what I'm trying to get at because how many teams are going to try to work in their #3 TE.. but man he offered some explosiveness, especially flanked outside. it's things like that and not at least trying to run Gore 25+ times ONCE are what have me hoping for breaking news tomorrow.
  11. Oh Solomon!
  12. Swoope!!!
  13. Oh godddddd...
  14. No thanks, I like the team too much, but screw irsay and his daughters.
  15. Screw irsay and his daughters

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